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  • I get spoiled on central air.

    It’s bloody well freakin hot out there. 29-30 degrees hot out there. Celcius, of course, but still. Blarg. Thank god for central air… AC is the awesome! Ah well. Bright side, 26 days ’til I get to go see a few old highschool friends… yay! That is, if I made … Read the rest

  • CSI, old blogs, and randomness… what a thing to fall asleep to.

    So, I’ve managed to stay up until now watching CSI, and reading over the blog of a friend online that I haven’t actually talked to in, oh… a while, and just generally… doing things that so easily amuse me at damn near half past 1 in the morning, when I … Read the rest

  • Reunions a-plenty

    So the highschool I used to go to is having a reunion at the end of June. About… 5 days before my birthday, to be exact. So I’m trying to scrape together the funds to make the 7-8 hour trip there for the weekend, because some of these people I … Read the rest

  • *sleeps on his blog*

    This is yet another lazy day, as evidenced by the fact I’ve managed, yet again, to do something to the layout of the website. And, I’ve actually gone a step further and added a RSS feed! Welcome to the world of web 2.0. Complicatedly simple XML documents are … Read the rest

  • Mother’s day–a day of coffee, and sucking up.

    So maybe that isn’t what it means to other people. But I’m not other people. So… let’s see how decent I am at explaining this. Well, you can’t go wrong with coffee, so that’s kind of a given there. Which becomes part of the sucking up, really. Because, heh… you … Read the rest

  • Commic relief to the max, or something.


    Everyone who bothers to actually read this already knows I’m an avid roleplayer. And, they also know the majority of said roleplay occurs on Eternal Struggle. So I won’t bother with mentioning that in future. Not that anyone reads this really, but you know… So, I’ve gone and created … Read the rest

  • Website reorganizing is a good time.

    Not really, but it had to be done. I didn’t have anything else to do this afternoon, so… the site got the overhaull of the century. And when I have time, I’ll actually put things more constructive here. Not really but you know…

  • I should get back into writing again.

    I found a couple *really* old and not so well done things I’ve written in the past, mostly half-finished stories I’d forgotten which direction I wanted them to head in, and it got me to thinking… I haven’t actually written anything in forever. Well, aside from here, anyway–but not quite … Read the rest

  • You know too much is happening when you don’t have time to blog.


    Well, on the bright side, part of the too much that’s happening is I’m back on staff at Eternal Struggle, better known as that place that’s stolen all my RP ability. So when I can I’ve been getting caught up with things there and helping out wherever. Aside from … Read the rest

  • My educational plan of action–AKA what I’ll do when I’m not lazy…

    I’ve narrowed down what I want to take should I actually afford to go back to school. Now, it’s a toss-up between a music degree (I do play piano, after all though not in a while), to do with networking/information technology/computer geeky stuffs, to something as simple (relatively?) as conflict … Read the rest

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