CSI, old blogs, and randomness… what a thing to fall asleep to.

So, I’ve managed to stay up until now watching CSI, and reading over the blog of a friend online that I haven’t actually talked to in, oh… a while, and just generally… doing things that so easily amuse me at damn near half past 1 in the morning, when I should be sleeping rather than updating a blog/journal/thing no one reads. But it’s my blog/journal/thing no one reads so screw conformity. Updating it is!
*long pause due to brain malfunction* So, people have apparently discovered that having a TV in your bedroom, or in this case the bedrooms of children, can lead to disrupted sleep. And this is where I kind of snicker to myself and *not* point out the fact I’m watching a news story on that very subject at nearly half past 1 on a TV in my bedroom. *cough cough* You didn’t see that. Nope, not at all. There was no mention of TV’s in bedrooms here. And now
we’re at the part where I slink off to bed. So… slinking.

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