Randomness rantings…

Warning: the contents of this entry will in no way, shape or form be relevant to one another, save in that way in which they have all managed to piss me off. And now, the disjointed ramblings of the irritated.

  • When I show up for a piano lesson, I do expect the instructor to actually be there. Or a phone call so I’m not wasting someone else’s gas just for the sake of no one being home. Thank the gods I wasn’t taking a cab. I paid in advance for a month of lessons. Now fucking teach, bitch.
  • If I tell you I need to leave at 7:30 to be somewhere, and therefore we need the car, that does not mean take said car to the movies. Punishment for inconveniencing me will involve significant amounts of pain.
  • Hey, you in the screwed up SUV. The red light is for the *other* street. Kindly get your foot off the break.
  • Unless you’re planning to pay me the going rate for a secretary around here, stay home and take your own damn phone calls if you’re expecting them. I have my own crap to do and don’t have time to do yours, too.

Future ramblings will depend entirely on the stupidity of others. Stay tuned. Or don’t.

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