The real post is coming when I get home. For now, advanced warning. Things are happening at the moment. Pissed off would probably be the most child friendly way to describe my state of mind. Do not email unless you want a snipped reply. Do not IM, as I’m still signed in at home. And you’d probably get an even more snipped reply if I wasn’t. It’s nothing earth shattering, just somebody needs a clue by four taken to both sides of their head. Twice.

ETA: The appropriate asses have been kicked, attitudes adjusted, morons drop kicked back to stupidsville, all that nifty shtuff. Still mildly irritated at the situation, which will be posted more in depth in the novelesque entry I’ve been working on at home since *last* tuesday. Meantime, I no longer want to make a special trip across the border to slug certain individuals.


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