Just 5 hours and 44 minutes…

… Until I get to go home. Not that I don’t like it here–hell, it’s awesome. But… well, this cold I thought I’d kicked on the weekend? Yeah. It’s back. And it’s got revenge on its mind. What a royal bastard it is. So I’m sitting here, on my lunch break, trying very hard to stay awake and getting nowhere. If we go through another of those dead periods like we did for… oh… most of last night, I’ll start to question my ability to actually stay awake. So far, though, at least I’ve managed to avoid becoming a walking sneeze fest. Now, I just need to get set up for this year’s anti-winter campaign. Hopefully I stop being stuffy before I have to get out the big stick. Okay, lunch break almost over. Have things to attempt to get done before I leave. ending random ramblings now.

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