I officially need more blogs to read.

It’s damn near 1 in the morning, I technically don’t *have* to be in bed for another hour, and I’m bored as hell. Not to mention I need something to read during down time at work… and hardly anyone on my current llist of blogs actually blogs regularly anymore! … Not that I really have all that much room to talk lately but we’re not touching that with a 50-foot pole. Besides nothing exciting happens around here anymore.
Speaking of work, though, for the first time since my first day I actually managed to be considered off as of 11:00, as opposed to the typical 11:30, 12, or 12:30 that’s been the norm. I’d actually forgotten what it felt like to be off when I’m supposed to be.. pretty sad considering it’d only been, like, 3 or 4 days. It was nice, though, to just get home before midnight (like I’m busing in -27 degrees C temperatures) and actually relax for a bit, rather than get through the door, get crap ready for the next day, then head for bed. Hm… I get paid this week. Rent comes out next week. Crap. Well, I tried. And I’ve run out of things to say. Dammit people gimme something to read!


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