If my relatives had blogs…

I think, for the most part, I would be quite… frightened. Although, I’ve given some thought to twisting my cousin and her husband’s arm to get themselves one… those two would, at the least, be extremely amusing to read. And I’ve got the space for it… hmmm. *ponders* But, anywho. Outside of those two, I think I’d be afraid to learn anyone in my family actually kept one of these. They scare me in person… I don’t wanna know what the hell goes through their heads on a daily basis. This of course assuming they actually bothered to update the thing, or didn’t break it inside of 3 minutes. Technically inept is the family’s bigest understatement.
What got me on that train of thought was my cousin and her husband stopped by for about 15 minutes, before they headed back to Ottawa, just for the sake of shooting the shit. I hadn’t actually heard from them in a few months, so it was nice. Now, if we can just get them to remember my phone number *can* be called from Ottawa… 😛


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