This is so relevant it’s not funny.

Okay, so not relevant to the last entry I posted here. Big flippin’ deal. I keep hearing this particular song on the radio and, well, needless to say it almost always makes me think of certain people, and the repeating hell they go through either by choice or otherwise. The problems aren’t exactly the same, well okay so they’re not really the same in the slightest. But that isn’t why I’m doing it. So, anyway. First time I heard this song the first thought that popped into my head was basicly “I keep *telling* these people that”. Or something like it anyway. And maybe not quite so literally. Basicly, the song’s about a couple who’s managed to go through all kinds of problems, or so I’m gathering by it anyway, but it was the overall sentiment I was aiming for. Basicly, the song… which I might as well link to here, explains that the only way you’re going to get what you want out of anything, be it love, life or both, is if you want it badly enough that you’re willing to fight for it, no matter what. There’s gonna be pain before you find love–that’s a guarantee. But if it’s worth it, you’ll want to work through that pain to get to whatever it is that makes you happy. I think a lot of that has to do with the whole having strength and actually being able to trust yourself to put things behind you and get through it. That, and if you have someone with you to actually be there for you, it makes coming through things in one piece just that much easier. The song’s a country one, but it works for what I think it’s meant for. Might not be exactly what it was originally intended for… but oh well. That’s what the song says to me, so it found itself there.


It took me until now to realise that song didn’t upload right. Bastard.

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