I will never be happy with the organizational structure of my website.

This is evidenced by the fact that, in the span of… oh… maybe the last month, I have reorganized the layout, directory structure, and whatnot at least twice. Quite possibly 3 times. I knew I was picky, but man oh man oh man am I picky. Ah well. Maybe this time it’ll stay the way I have it set up. Wouldn’t hold your breath, of course, but you know…
And, in somewhat more related news (okay, not really), I talked to Cheryl earlier, the friend of mine I was planning to go to the highschool reunion i ranted about at least once. First time I actually had a conversation at length with her in at least a year, as pathetic as that sounds. And, can’t very well talk to her in person because, as I’ve already bitched about, I’m poor as all hell. And unemployed. And cheap. But seeing her would be worth me overcoming my cheapness. I’m still poor and unemployed, though. So now I get to give her shit ’til she decides to get her cute ass up here instead. Yay powers of persuasion! I hope.

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