• I think I’ll save my money.

    Well, so much for that idea. I’d planned to maybe kinda sorta possibly take in a movie, specificly Lucky Number Sleven, but I don’t think so. A couple reviews caught my eye, particularly this one, and well… I’ll keep my ticket money in my wallet, this time. Shouldn’t be surprised I suppose; it’s a Bruce Willis movie. *gags* No plot, no point, just people knocking people around. Someone should really suggest he retire and get it over with. Aside from maybe two of his movies, he’s a disappointment.

  • Work experience necessary?

    One of the job openings listed for a new office opening up about an hour from here for Teletech, a call center along similar lines as Online Support, pretty much insists you need 6 months work experience before they’ll even consider you. Which, I suppose, isn’t too bad. Except, of course, for the fact that without the work, you don’t get the experience. And, Online Support’s being all ditzy when it comes to hiring, so no experience for me. So, it’s back to looking and firing off applications and cursing the idiot who invented the job market. Or, at least, it’s back to the firing off of applications. The idiot who invented the job market can just burn in hell. Twice.

  • I don’t think I like this…

    There is still calls for snow. It’s April. IT’s baseball season. And we’re still calling for snow. Cruel and unusual, that. But then, this is the same person who’d of loved to have been done with snow after about, oh… December 26th. How’d that go? *scoff* It’s all cool and everything at around Christmas time. So, from about the 23rd to the 26th of December. Any time before or after that, and all it does is irritate the hell out of me. Not an easy thing to do as certain individuals who probably read this are verry well aware of. Ah well. Sucky weather for baseball, but I haven’t abandoned my hockey yet. *misses the playoffs already*

  • So I was bored. Sue me.

    What is your true personality? (Brutally honest answers…(Pictures!))

    My, my aren’t we a cynic? You are incredibly pessimistic. That’s okay though, so am I! You have a wicked sarcastic tongue, which means you are incredibly smart–maybe not an academic genius persay, but you have a whole hell of a lot of common sense which is what really matters. You may be incredibly sarcastic but you are actually nice and have a good heart and will do the right thing, however grudgingly. You also like to read, but it’s usually books like sci-fi, fantasy, or mystery. You are also probably a gamer as well. Congrats-you got the only result which I didn’t brutalize and insult! Message me to tell what ya thought! (The second pic is because I thought it was really cool… lol)
    Take this quiz!

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    I think this was geared toward pesimism by default. I’m more a realist. Even still, 99% pegged… I’m scared!

  • How adicted to hockey am I?

    Well, it’s quarter after 3 in the morning and I’m listening to last night’s Toronto Maple Leafs game versus New York. I already know who won but I slep through most of it. So I get to listen to the rerun. Did I mention I love the internet for that?

  • Me versus the job market, round 9524…

    Okay so it hasn’t been that big a battle. Feels like it some days. I fired off applications left, right and center. Have been doing that for… oh, I don’t even know exactly how long now… heh. Maybe a year or so. I’ve got a total of… hmm… *thinks* 2 callbacks, 1 interview, 0 hires. Job market 35, me
    0. But I’ll nail that lyin’ cheatin’ thievin’ bastard job market right between the eyes, I will! … Or something. Insert catchy music full of doom and fear here. I would but I have none.

  • I have way too much fun…

    … laughing at people who get so wrapped up in the idea of a game. And it wasn’t even a good game, either. Star Conquest, the original game written, owned and run by Squid Soft, is supposedly eventually coming back online sometime between now and the day hell freezes over. Yeah, I played the game occasionally… it killed a few hours when you’re in the mood for things tedius. But to listen to some people go off on their blog, you’d think the world was that much closer to coming to an end every time it turns out the game isn’t coming back up yet. God, I thought that was just a Diablo craze thing. Someone put these people out of my misery… I don’t wanna laugh at them anymore. Oh, never mind. Yes I do.

  • It was a mistake for crying out loud!


  • Hard work pays off in the future. Lazyness pays off now.

    … That’s so me. It’s so me it’s written on a shirt I own. Specificly, the one I’m wearing. So, in light of my proudly displayed lazyness, I won’t go into details of how I did more shopping yesterday than I ever want to do in a single month. Instead, I’ll skip to the real content of this post. Oh… wait… that was it. Ah well.

  • Out for breakfast = shopping… since when?

    I still have yet to pin down exactly how it is going out for breakfast leads to this whole shopping thing. I mean, I have no problem with shopping… I needed to buy me some new clothes anyway, but it’s breakfast. And it’s shopping. One has nothing to do with the other. Yet we started with one and wound up doing the other. Just… no. I’d say cruel and unusual punnishment but then I’d have to remind myself about the possibility of spending an hour with my brother’s girlfriend. I’ll take the shopping.

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