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  • Me thinks I doth neglect too much.

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    So I’ll go ahead and attempt to correct that minor malfunction now. The week’s been largely uneventful. Jessica got to her bus and to rochester in one piece, as usual. I went back to Pembroke, and hung out at my parents’ place for the evening–largely because, quite simply, this apartment … Read the rest

  • New years day, done our way.

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    And in this case, our way involves all manner of creative thinggies that started last night. We took off from here at about 5 or so, and I proceeded to complete my own personal challenge to stay up since the morning before until past the official welcoming of the new … Read the rest

  • No, I’m not. Would you like me to?

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    On our way back to Canada before Christmas, we did stumble across the required small amount of duh-worthy amusement that seems to find one or both of us on every trip. This in the form of an overly inquisitive and way too curious customs officer who decided, after establishing that … Read the rest

  • And just like that, we’re in Canada.

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    It’s amazing just how things tend to slip away from you when you’re in the middle of one of life’s chaotic moments. We had one such the past week or so. As expected we took off on the morning, early, of the 24th–about 20 minutes before 2, to be precise. … Read the rest

  • And sometimes, the party comes to you.

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    Our second last day here in Rochester was yesterday. Conveniently, it also doubled as Jessica’s birthday. In cellebration of the latter, we decided to do the bbq thing. So we hit the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, also known as quite possibly the best I’ve had since the last time we did it … Read the rest

  • Another year way beyond awesome.


    I have no idea how in the hell she manages to do it, but on both of the birthdays I’ve been around for, she’s managed to make herself appear just a little bit more inteligent, and little bit more relaxed, and just all around a little bit more the girl … Read the rest

  • The new blog on the corner.


    I’ve been trying to convince Jessica to get back into the whole blogging thing for, well, ever. I’ve even gone so far as to threaten her in various ways using various methods. She just wouldn’t budge. Until now. After offering to host her very own non-LJ blog, it running on … Read the rest

  • Snap your fingers and it’s Sunday.

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    As expected, Jessica’s graduation went off absolutely with no problem whatsoever. She got her diploma, we got a picture, and everyone got to relax a little afterwards with something alcoholic and good conversation. We hit a local bar after the cerimony for a drink or two, and to do some … Read the rest

  • It’s kind of like Christmas morning.

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    I guess it’s made that much more appropriate by the weather we’re having outside right now. Since late-ish last night, I’ve been more and more looking forward to events scheduled to take place tonight. Roughly 12 hours from now, Jessica will have graduated from a year and a half of … Read the rest

  • Weekend randomness, and ODSP is ultra evil.

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    The latter is obvious to anyone who’s actually using the service, but I’ll get to that momentarily. Jess and I spent the majority of this weekend thus far kicked back and relaxing. She graduates on Thursday, so we’re sort of trying to gear up for that. Also, because we haven’t … Read the rest

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