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  • *half-yawns*

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    Well, I didn’t get as much posting to Twitter done yesterday as I’d planned, but fortunately not a whole lot happened after going to Pembroke. We picked Jess (samari76) up at the bus stop yesterday morning, and headed out to my mom’s for the day. She and my … Read the rest

  • It is officially official.

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    In less than half an hour, I leave to go grab Jess (samari76) from the bus station, and then we book it for Pembroke. The mother thing will be the third person to be introduced to her today, after my cousin and her husband, who are being my … Read the rest

  • Well then there now.

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    I should update more often. Except that would require we have something to update about. Hmm. Let’s see. In officially less than 12 hours, Jessica (samari76) will be enroute to Ottawa via bus. In 21 hours, I’ll be picking her up at the bus station then running off … Read the rest

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