Well then there now.

I should update more often. Except that would require we have something to update about. Hmm. Let’s see. In officially less than 12 hours, Jessica (samari76) will be enroute to Ottawa via bus. In 21 hours, I’ll be picking her up at the bus station then running off to Pembroke to consort with the motherling. And then it’s a week of actual proper vacation for one very deserving young lady. If all goes according to plan, she may return to the lesser country significantly more relaxed than she’s leaving it.

In barely related news, the motherling and the aunt came up yesterday for some socializing. We didn’t do a whole lot of anything really. They gave me a hand with some cleaning stuff (translation: fell short of disinfecting the place), so all I have left to do today is actually put things away, and finish up what laundry I was too lazy to do yesterday/the day before. Fun stuffs. I’ll do it later.

I did smack the HR person for Protus IP Solutions yesterday morning. Manager dood was in Montreal last week, and is on vacation this week, apparently. So I still have no idea what the story is. Fired off a couple dozen applications for this or that other job, but no one’s called me back yet aside from Rogers for an outbound sales job. Um, can we say fuck that? So far though nothing all that productive going on over here. Which is just the way I likes it.

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