Awakeness still sucks.

My week of almost complete offlineness came officially to an end yesterday, and now the getting used to having the apartment to myself again actually starts. Jessica (samari76) got home last night at about, oh, midnight thirty, after playing musical buses for the better part of the evening, poor girl. There was all manner of fun to be had here though, and I truely think it’s been way too long since either of us enjoyed ourselves quite that much. She got to see a fair bit of the city, and meet a rather small portion of my family; remarkably less traumatic than I half expected it to be. The father unit actually went easy on her, which in and of itself was surprising in the extreme. Just means visit number 2 is probably gonna be all manner of fun.

It wasn’t all about me and her, though. I did get some encouraging news on the job front last week, as well. Which is what partially prompted the opening of alcohol that lead to the voice posts on both our LJ’s. They called last week to play 20 questions about the screenreader I use, and how it’d work in my opinion with their systems and whatnot. It seemed to go well, though they were quick to emphasize they had not yet actually made a decision as to whether or not to hire anyone they interviewed. I got a good feeling about it though, so we’ll see how it all goes. In the meantime, I do that thing where I be all manner of lazy.

There are pictures of some of the goings on of last week, and all that. They’ll be shared when I can get my hands on ’em. In the meantime though, I have tought another American that yes, things really *are* much better in Canada. There is hope for the rest of the world yet. The religious fanatics were right… miracles do exist.

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