Tax time: the era of secrets and surprises.

And I see no reason for this year to be different. Jessica (samari76) asked me what I was doing last night, because while I was talking to her and Gina (nightdrake), I was also busy plugging away at the computer. At first, I thought about just being out and out honest with her. But, well, that just wouldn’t be any fun. So I told her I was reading up on a baseball game I’d recently taken an interest in playing; I said I’d found a strategy guide to give me a hand so far as getting myself into the game a little more involved like. Bold face lie, but for a very good reason. The ugly truth of it, which she’ll be made aware of fairly soon, is I was finishing up with this year’s taxes–the taxes that, also in keeping with my dishonest streak, I told her I was still waiting on a handful of paperwork to complete. Now, at least one of you is probably curious why it is I wouldn’t just come right out and tell the truth. I mean, she’s my girlfriend, after all, and if I can’t be honest with her, we have a problem. Except we don’t, really. I’ve already completed the paperwork, and am expecting roughly $1600 back as a result. All of that money is going towards haulling my broke ass out of debt. And, as a subsequent side-effect of such financial decisions, I will then have room remaining money-wise to go about the business of purchasing a Rochester bound bus ticket. Neither Jessica nor Gina are aware I’m plotting such wicked evil cruelness. Which, also, is my explanation for this, my only *ever* filtered entry on this here LJ. And it won’t be permanently filtered. As of right now, only Jessica (samari76) and Gina (nightdrake) don’t know this entry exists. Jessica, because well, it’s to do with a surprise she more than deserves, and Gina, because at the moment, she’s staying with her for the week, which unfortunately makes her filtered by association. When things get all official like, this will officially join the massive collection of publicly searchable entries on this here LJ. But until then… shhh. You know nothing, you saw nothing, I’m planning nothing. For now.

ETA: Well, that didn’t last long. Note to self: you need a new strategy. Like, now. On the bright side, no further need for that filter.

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12 responses to “Tax time: the era of secrets and surprises.”

    • lol

      You so are going to make her over the moon happy. Lol I so read this at work and laughed out loud, and Ms Nosey herself emails me asking me what’s so funny. No worries cat’s in the bag, but she’s going to be so happy. *yays! for happy Jessica.

      • If it isn’t the lucky girl herself. It took him no time to tell ya, huh? I hope it was him and not some blabbermouth. It sounded like a nice treat for you both.

        I’m Lilyth, relatively new to LJ and he added me my second day on here. I don’t’ really know him at all other than the few posts he’s made since then. Time hasn’t allowed for me to go back into anyone’s journal so knowledge is limited.

        I plan to add you now. Enjoy the visit!

        • Actually, it wasn’t him, it was a couple fo friends talking over my head, and because I don’t like that kind of thing, I demanded to know. When people know about surprises, they shouldn’t have cryptic conversations, and laugh while sed recipient of surprise is in the room. LOL! How did he find you? He never tells me about new people. LOL!

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