The new blog on the corner.

I’ve been trying to convince Jessica to get back into the whole blogging thing for, well, ever. I’ve even gone so far as to threaten her in various ways using various methods. She just wouldn’t budge. Until now. After offering to host her very own non-LJ blog, it running on the same software that powers this one, she’s decided to toss herself back into writing mode. And now, after much consideration given to where she wishes to call her new online home, I give you the nuthouse. It’s still largely under construction, and I’ll be helping her for a while get things to be exactly the way she wants them, but for the moment, it’s operational and mostly fully functioning. Drop in and give her a read at some point–and please do be kind.

Also, for those of you who have her LJ on your friends lists, I’ve set her up to crosspost to LJ in a way similar to what I’m doing, so you’re still able to follow her with a minimal amount of actual effort on your part. Hey, I’m lazy too. I know how it goes. And it goes kinda like this. So enjoy. Maybe wave hello. And don’t forget to leave your valuables here when you leave.


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