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  • Ending 2010 with a splat.

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    As eventful for some as 2010 turned out to be, it all lead up to last night–at least as far as we were concerned. It was the last night Jessica would be spending here, and well, we were long overdue for a party. That meant pizza, beverages of choice–we did … Read the rest

  • It’s the most chaotic time of the year.

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    Whoever said the Christmas holidays were made for relaxing and taking it easy has clearly not met me, my fiance, or my family. busy is probably the understatement of the century–or at least the year. After Jessica showed herself on the 24th, it’s been pretty well non-stop. christmas morning at … Read the rest

  • My moment of tech support failure.

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    Clearly, I’ve been out of tech support for far, far too long. I’ve been dealing with the services offered by my web host for coming up on 5 years now, so you’d think I’d be very familiar with how their servers work. Clearly, such is not the case. Jess was … Read the rest

  • Fun, family and festivities, oh my!

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    Okay, so escentially since Friday life’s been kind of non-stop. But I’ve been meaning to start this update before then, so we’ll get to that in a minute. I had a meeting with the ODSP person who’s heading up the purchasing of a copy of the screenreader I’ll be using … Read the rest

  • Congratulations Jessica!

    Back in August, while I happened to be haunting her apartment, Jessica was scheduled to retake her massage therapist certification exam. She barely missed it the first time, and going into it this time she was justifiably a little more apprehensive about it. Her added caution, plus the extra preparation … Read the rest

  • If you have not heard Donna the Buffalo, you are broken.

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    So I’ve been on the US side of the border for nearly two weeks now, and busy as all get out for most of it. Part of the busy was spending the majority of this past friday evening at the Rochester public market. We were planning to check that out … Read the rest

  • Surprise, you’re engaged!

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    Folks will be aware Jess has been here since Saturday. what many aren’t aware of, at least until now, is what happened within 24 hours of her arival. More specifically, it became very official that she’d be stuck with me for about as close to forever as she could tolerate. … Read the rest

  • In which Greyhound fails at life. Again.

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    So. Some folks already know, and others are about to. Jessica’s presently on her way up here for a week. She left at 20 minutes to 2 this morning, intent on catching a 6:30 connection. There weren’t enough warm bodies going to toronto, so they had to send another bus. … Read the rest

  • Best. Week. Ever.

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    Some of you already know Jessica was up here for the week, having escaped back to Rochester this past Sunday. Mostly, we had her up here because we could, but a small part of it had to do with the fact it was the week of St. Patrick’s day. Naturally … Read the rest

  • Exam day.


    Roughly 12 hours from now, Jess will more than likely be a good way through taking her exam for the New York state boards, and that much closer to being a licensed massage therapist in that state. She’s pulled I don’t even know how many 13-hour days over the last … Read the rest

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