My moment of tech support failure.

Clearly, I’ve been out of tech support for far, far too long. I’ve been dealing with the services offered by my web host for coming up on 5 years now, so you’d think I’d be very familiar with how their servers work. Clearly, such is not the case. Jess was in the process of sending a post to her blog via email, mostly to make sure it worked from her address, and for the life of us we couldn’t get it to go through. She hadn’t done a whole lot of anything on this computer with her email other than go through it, so we didn’t know until now we were looking at potential complications. It took me not seeing her post in the blog’s email account to figure out that, okay, her account on this machine wasn’t behaving. Everything looked right from their end–which is usually not the case, so now I was momentarily confused. Turns out, when I set up her account several months ago, I had neglected to inform Microsoft Outlook that it’d need to authenticate her in order to be given SMTP access. Oops. So here she is, and me a few minutes later, trying to convince her emailed post to cooperate with the blog, and it was the fault of neither–just a freaking box I forgot to check off a few months ago. Clearly, I fail tech support 101. Quick, somebody revoke my license.
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