And just like that, we’re in Canada.

It’s amazing just how things tend to slip away from you when you’re in the middle of one of life’s chaotic moments. We had one such the past week or so. As expected we took off on the morning, early, of the 24th–about 20 minutes before 2, to be precise. The fun didn’t take very long to start after that. When we left Rochester, we were fairly well on time. Maybe 10 minutes late. By the time we got to Buffalo, we’d made that up. And By the time we got to the border, we’d lost it again and then some. We were about an hour behind when we hit the border, thanks largely to a changing of the bus drivers and the new one apparently not having a clue what in the 7 levels of hell he was actually doing. Jess and I cleared customs easily, as usual, and that actually took a lot less time than we thought. Our bus out of Toronto heading for Ottawa was supposed to leave at about 6:30 that morning. Pulling into the Toronto terminal at 7, therefore, was a very bad idea. But we did it anyway.

Sitting around the Toronto terminal for the 2.5 hours or so it took for the next bus heading to Ottawa to show up proved not to be as entertaining as some of the other times I’ve had to do that. We got caught up on at least a couple hours’ sleep, and were otherwise several different kinds of bored sitting there. By the time we saw the bus that would take me home and her with me, we were well beyond ready to get the hell out of there or risk death by lack of anything to do or comfortable seating.

Fortunately we didn’t have the usually required incident on the way from either end of the trip–once it was weather, once it was a broken down bus, once it was just plain stupidity on the part of Grayhound–and things actually managed to go off perfectly without a hitch. Well, with the exception of we got in at 2:30 when it was supposed to be closer to 12:30, but we got in. We didn’t do much touching the computer that afternoon when we got home, and even less the day after–hello, Christmas. Welcome to Canada. I don’t think we even said a word on Twitter until Saturday–sorry to folks who actually expected updates this time. After an awesome, as usual, Christmas get together involving much visiting and much foodness, we came back here, went comatose for a few hours, and took the rest of the weekend thus far to just be lazy and relax. Hey, for the first time in a year and a half we were actually both on vacation. We deserved it, dammit. Now, post-trip to the grocery store to restock the fridge, it’s back to more relaxation. And, more random blog posts from the both of us. Including some random observations I keep meaning to actually toss up here. As for new years? All I know we’re doing is whatever comes up at 11:55 on Thursday night. It will probably involve alcohol. It will probably involve a blog post. And it will probably involve hillarity. ‘Til then, have the first attempt at a post since Rochester. I’ll be back with another one later. Maybe.

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