Happy birthday, Aidan!

The only relative of mine currently unable to read this blog anytime in the near future officially turns 1 today. And holy crap has he managed to grow like a bad weed. He’s dangerously close to standing on his own, and as long as he has something to hold onto with one hand, he can give walking a fair attempt as well. And just recently, he’s made a semi-convincing attempt at forming words that consist of more than just muffled baby noises. This only just in his first year. If he starts actually walking this week, I think I’d call that a birthday present from himself to himself.

They’ve aranged a small little get-together they’re calling a party for him, an, folks have even shown up with gifts–though I think he’s still at that stage where the box the gift came in is more fun than the gift. Still, if it’s not insanely fun, someone’s not doing something right.

Happy birthday, kid. Hope you have as much fun on this trip around the sun as you did on the last one. Now where’d I put that can of coke I was gonna split with you without mommy knowing…?

Last big weekend in Rochester, summarized. Awesome.

I may have spent the last 3 days playing catch-up on what happened over the weekend, but the weekend was still far worth it. It was pretty well back to back cellebrating of one thing or another–first with a belated wedding shower for a couple friends of ours on Saturday, which I think went about as well as I expected considering the collection of people there, and then on Sunday with a birthday cellebration for one of said friends–equally as awesome, in spite of the fact I apparently butted heads with a few folks over trivial stuff but oh well.

Saturday consisted of a huge bunch of us getting together for dinner and talking, with some variety of music or another in the background. Then Jess and I went back to stay with the guests of honour and their family overnight so we could be there for her birthday in the morning. There was a bondfire and more conversation when we got to the house, then the lot of us pretty much went one after the other for the nearest bed and promptly fell into it.

Sunday was pretty low key, though that may or may not have had more to do with the fact her mother stuffed us all to the point I know at least I was considering just rolling away from the table than it did with the weather, which had apparently decided to pick that morning to be nasty at us. We sat around for most of the day, and I finally had an opportunity to introduce Jess to an Adam Sandler movie she hadn’t yet actually seen. The house got busy later on, when several more of their relatives dropped in with birthday wishes, and some stuck around for the dinner they’d planned–which, I think, was only slightly bigger than the breakfast we had that morning. More conversation, more attempts at humour on all sides, and I got a couple snorts out of people with, of all things, a simple ring tone I snagged forever ago from the brother thing. Then it was the typical birthday stuff–opening of cards/gifts, singing happy birthday, cake, ice cream, all the usual shananigans. When that was taken care of, we started to all get back to what served as our usual routines. We were naturally among the last to leave, and ended up hitching a ride with the birthday girl and her husband on account of her mother had offered to drag us home. Got back here, flaked out for a few minutes, and eventually, crashed.

Monday was equally low key, what with the fact we hadn’t actually had a day to just not do much of anything all weekend–it was fun, but that many people gets to messing with your head, even if you’re me. So we sat around being zombies all day. Then came the catching up on pretty much the last 4-5 days of current events in the news, tech and blogging worlds–then it was off we went to pick up right where we left off.

If I had to pick a weekend to not have to be anywhere, this past weekend would have definitely been it. As it turned out, I think all told everyone who was there had a reasonably good time. And with this weekend seeming to be pretty well cut and dry, as much as I’d rather forget my way back to Canada sometimes, if I had to leave, I’d almost prefer it to be on a weekend like this next one. In the meantime, since this weekend hasn’t happened yet, I’m going to go back to my daily routine and pretend I don’t have to go anywhere. Because, hey, it worked before.

And sometimes, the party comes to you.

Our second last day here in Rochester was yesterday. Conveniently, it also doubled as Jessica’s birthday. In cellebration of the latter, we decided to do the bbq thing. So we hit the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, also known as quite possibly the best I’ve had since the last time we did it at my parents’ place. We’d been there before, though never for a special occasion like a birthday or anything, and only once before–back before Jess started her massage therapy courses. We left here at about half past 8 last night, or thereabouts, and by about half past 9 we were stuffed beyond belief, relaxed from various alcoholic beverages, and roughly $50 poorer than when we arived–all in all, not a bad outcome considering what we got out of it.

As always, the food there was beyond awesome. And, as always, neither one of us had room for dessert. Or, for that matter, breakfast this morning. And probably not for much of lunch later today. While we were ordering and subsequently eating, we heard a band setting up for a live performance so decided to stick around for an hour or so afterwards to check them out. Neither of us are into blues music, but the performance last night, by the Beale Street Blues Band (MySpace profile is over here), was actually pretty good. I caught myself almost dancing in my seat to a couple of their songs and I think Jess was ready to as well. The concert itself was free, and it being unexpected by either of us, made the outing just that much more worth the $50 we paid for it. Another thing you don’t see all too much of in Pembroke.

We came back at about 11 or 11:30, somewhere thereabouts, and proceeded to unwind. She says she had an awesome time, which was the end goal, so I guess my work here is done. I wasn’t really planning to make a real big thing out of it, just dinner, conversation, and relaxation. But sometimes, it rocks your socks when the party decides to come to you. And did it ever come to us last night.

Another year way beyond awesome.

I have no idea how in the hell she manages to do it, but on both of the birthdays I’ve been around for, she’s managed to make herself appear just a little bit more inteligent, and little bit more relaxed, and just all around a little bit more the girl I love than the year before. Yeah, call me a sap if it makes ya feel better. I think some part of her can see she’s getting a little more like… herself, and a little used to the fact things aren’t quite as bad as they were. Maybe someday she’ll be able to look back on the craptasticness she’s been through and laugh her ass off about it. God only knows I probably will when I think it’s okay to. But for now, happy birthday, Jessica. You’re half a mile closer to supreme awesomeness than you realize. Or probably want me to admit to, but there just went that restriction.

This has been an all too rare extreme personal blog entry, brought to you by the date, and the fact she has absolutely no idea I’m doing it. And now, back to helping her with supper on the night before her birthday.

Go shorty, it’s your birthday…

Before it completely slips my apparently protesting mind altogether, happy freakin’ birthday, Katia (katia-chan)! Hopefully this trip around the sun’s as good as or better than the last one for you. And goddammit, try and have a *little* fun, eh? Don’t make me get a gang together and force good times upon you. Because I will. 😛


Because stupid me forgot and I’m too lazy to pull up that entry to tack it on the end, and because it sort of deserves its own entry anyway, happy 27th, Katie (silly-singer)! Yes, by my clock it’s a little tiny bit on the belated side. You’ll live. Hope this trip around the sun’s at least as good as or better than the last one, in all kinds of ways!

Happy birthday!

I’ve taken a break from fighting with my internet (details to come when I’m not being disconnected every 10 minutes) to wish a very on time happy birthday to ye almighty Liz (unsilenceddream)! Hopefully this trip around the sun’s as good as or better than the last one for ya. And, hopefully, both are/were better than the fight I’m having right now with my router. Damn technology and its failing ways.

ETA: No sooner do I post this than I have to try again. Thank you, oh flakey one. Router, you fail.

The day that was, and who ate my heat?

Jessica’s birthday went off without so much as a hickup. We spent the majority of the day just hanging out and talking, and I gave her her next and last birthday gift. It was a foot warmer from mom, which turned out to be appropriate thanks largely to the fact we had a slightly colder than usual night and it only served to confirm that yet, in fact, the heat in here isn’t working quite as well as I’d of liked. So there will be phone calls made about that momentarily. I took Jess out for dinner last night, dropping in for a couple hours at Montana’s Cookhouse. For the record, I’m ever so slightly reminded of a restaurant we went to during my initial trip down there. Except, of course, it’s in Canada. So it’s better. By default. Now we’re both sort of awake and hanging out in my living room; she’s checking her email, and we’re both just doing that thing where we be like 6 different kinds of lazy. Eventually, the plan is to take off for the parentals’ place and the coming Christmas cellebrations (translation: eat ’til you puke, drink ’til you puke, and get up early-ish). As for immediately right now, though? This apartment needs some serious heatage. Like wo.

Up, but not necessarily awake.

As generally hinted at by other entries posted here, Jessica (samari76) made it here with absolutely no difficulty whatsoever. Well, once she found herself a bus that was actually leaving when it was supposed to. She managed to get herself aboard the bus leaving at 8:15, since her usual bus was cancelled thanks to the queen bitch that is mother nature. She didn’t end up getting in until about 9:00 on saturday, much thanks to one delay or another; be it trafic, scheduling, or people taking too damn long. She was tired as all get out, so we crashed relatively early (well, early for us on a saturday, anyway). We slept in extra late yesterday, then were significantly more lazy than is usual for us while she recovered a bit more from her trip. Spent the rest of that day just talking, and catching up on things. I gave her one of her birthday presents yesterday, the 9th season of Everybody Loves Raymond. There’s another one here for her, but being as she’s both in this very room righrt now and reading over her friends list, I won’t be saying what it is on here, but thanks for coming out. There are plans in the works for later on today, assuming I can get a hold of specific individuals. But first, I’ll need to nail someone to the wall regarding our apparent lack of heating in the place. See, this is what happens when you’re not actually sleeping in your own bed for a couple weeks at a timie; the major cold sets in, and you don’t notice it until you get to being here with, um, company. So that’s the basic plan for the day. And, though I’ve already said it in person, I’ll say it here anyway because, well, it’s me. Happy birthday, Jessica! Hopefully this year’s as good for you or better than the last one.

This post took way too damn long.

Yes, I know, I should have posted forever ago. Deal with it. Anyway, things have been steadily doing that thing where they both calm down and pick up at the exact same time over the past week or so. The visit with jessica (Samari76) ended as wonderfully as it started, if you’re willing to ignore the fact I got home about 4.5 hours later than I, like, ever wanted to. The thanks giving dinner we had at her coworker’s place was absolutely awesome, and so was the company. Bonnie, our hostess, pretty well went all out with the dinner, trying her best I swear to compete with my mother in seeing just how quickly we all wound up in a food coma by 10. I don’t think anyone ended up staying late enough to find out, though; Tasha and her friend/boyfriend/whatever ended up calling their cab at upwards of quarter to 9, the rookies. Jess was getting a tiny bit tired, so we ended up going home shortly there after. Well, that, plus she had to work the next day.

Friday was originally going to be our spend time alone together evening; we were thinking about cracking open something alcoholic, ordering pizza, and calling it an evening to remember. But Tasha’s playmate came over to collect her vodka, what was left of it, and he and Jess got to talking about our respective plans. He mentioned making Tacos, and that pretty much cieled the deal for what we were planning on doing. Half an hour later or so, we’d packaged up Tasha’s alcohol, and grabbed some of our own, heading to Marvin’s place for Mexican food. The plan was originally we’d all (Jessica, me, Marvin and Tasha) get together over there and do some drinking. Since tacos were apparently initially her idea and she had the stuff, Tasha was going to bring it ahead over. But I guess she decided at some point throughout the day to lapse into her teenage years, because not long after we got to Marvin’s place, she called him all pouty like and said she wasn’t coming over. They went back and forth for a bit, her getting pissed off at him for trying to convince her to come over, him getting pissed off at her because at this point she was 26 years old going on 4. The more pissed off she got, the more her story as to why it was she didn’t want to come over changed… y’know, typical childlike fashion. It ended up getting to the point where instead of calling Marvin out for things, she started calling both Jessica and myself out for supposedly things that were done when I first met her like 3-4 months ago. Now, it should be pointed out that neither of us remembers, like, anything she’s saying we’re supposedly guilty of doing/saying. She eventually gets herself over to his place, but insists that she’s here but doesn’t plan on coming in. So Jessica went out to see what the hell her problem was this time.

Now, anyone with half a brain knows I’m not the kind of person to bother getting in the middle of crap like that. Neither, for the record, is Jessica. But on this particular evening there wasn’t gonna be any of that staying out of it stuff. Not according to Tasha, anyway; we were there, so obviously we were targets too. Marvin starts to crying about how this is the crap he has to deal with from her and yada yada yada cry me a goddamn river. So I flat out told him, either put up with it and hope to god she grows up, or drop the chick like a bad habbit and move on to the next. By this point she and Jessica are in a bit of a screaming match outside, so I went out to see what the hell her problem is. sure enough, no sooner did she get here than she’s talking about how she should have just stayed home and no one listens to her and all that typical “pity me, I’m pathetic” crapola. I finally got Jessica to come in, and Marvin went out to deal with her. I’d of gone myself but at this stage of the game she’d of wound up carried. Either into the house or into an ambulance; that much all 3 of us were looking to let her decide. I don’t know what all Marvin said to her, but she eventually ended up coming in, and heading straight into the living room where again she started shooting her mouth off, this time at both me and Jessica.

Keep in mind all of this started because her freaking boyfriend committed the ultimate sin and asked her why she changed her mind last minute and didn’t want to come over. I was getting tired of this like nobody’s business, so when she finally stopped screaming for 30 seconds all 3 of us pretty much told her to shut up, grow up, and at least try acting like somebody a year older than me for a change. I think she got the hint this time, because the next like 10 minutes or so was basicly her crying and appologising and all that wonderful fluffy crap. Jessica ended up going back to Tasha’s place with her to get her stuff, since she’d apparently not bothered to have the sense to bring it with her. She had it all packed and at the door though, minus whatever she’d be sleeping in that night, so clearly she’d planned to show up. Have I mentioned before the two things that irritate me most when it comes to your average person are extreme amounts of self-generated drama, and head games? Well, this little bundle of wtf apparently comes packaged with both. Not what I wanted to see on a friday night where there’s alcohol involved. Or any night, but whatcha gonna do? Marvin and I pretty much shot the shit while they were over at Tasha’s place, and it turns out we have a lot of the same theories. Which surprised the hell out of me, when you consider the fact we come from entirely different cultures/backgrounds.

By the time Jess and Tasha got back, we’d killed the vodka and pretty much what was left of everything else. We did have some of her rum left, so Jess and I killed that, too. Which was good, because my buz was pretty well taking a small little tiny vacation about then. The rest of the evening actually wasn’t too bad. We ordered pizza, killed the remainder of the alcohol we had on hand, and generally shot the shit. I think over the course of the evening Tasha managed to mentally age the missing 22 years. We ended up getting ready to leave well after midnight… I think it was closer to 1 or so before we headed out the door, and caught a cab home. I made sure Jess got to bed okay, then let the other two nutcases know we made it home, before pretty well punching the lights out myself.

Saturday was pretty well all manner of lazy, with the exception of an hour or two taken up in the morning to grab breakfast with Julie and her fiance. Then we just came back to Jess’s place, and did that thing where we got all kinds of lazy. Threw on some music, and kicked it around the place for the day. Sunday was go time, and it was pretty much one scheduling fuck-up after another. We got to the station somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1:30, for a 2:45 departure. Then shortly after we got to the station, so did the hellishly bad weather. Snow storms galore by the sounds of it. All told the bus didn’t end up pulling out of Rochester until upwards of 5. And from that point, we were behind the eight ball. About 3 hours behind when we left, 3.5 when we hit the border, 4 when we hit toronto and 4.5 or so when I finally made it to Ottawa. And it was all that bitch mother nature’s fault. Weather stuck with us the whole time on the road. Except for, probably, about 10 minutes or so between border and Toronto. By the time I got to Ottawa it was upwards of like 6:30-7:00. So I left my suitcase at the door, crawled my ass to my room, and fell into bed. Like wo.

Pretty much all of that week was spent doing job search related things, talking to the girlfriend, and generally picking up on stuff that needs taking care of after you get back from the dark side. Finally got unemployment insurance related things sorted out, so there will be no moving back to the drama capital of our family this bitch of a winter. Next, well, hopefully I won’t have to think about that. Fired off about 6 handfuls of applications, though, and got a total of 0 callbacks so far. Figures, but whatcha gonna do? Same thing for last week. Applications galore were fired off left and right, but notta so far in the interview department. People blame the slowing economy, I blame Murphy’s law. Or something.

Last Wednesday I booked it on back down to Pembroke, so we could make a family thing out of decorating my parents’ Christmas tree. Or rather, I planned to book it on down to Pembroke, but mother nature decided to slow things up then, too. Bitch. Otherwise, though, that went off apparently problem free; the sister-in-law didn’t give us too much of a headache with that. Surprised the royal hell out of me, but for a change, it was a pleasant one. Came back on Friday initially to stick around here for the weekend, dad had an appointment in town so they dropped me off for that. Took the hour and a bit to apply for a few more jobs and pack extra clothes just in case, as dad wasn’t sure if he was going back to work at that time or not. Turned out he wasn’t, so I went back to Pembroke to give him a hand with finishing the flooring project he started at about the end of October or so. We didn’t exactly get that finished, but he did manage to finish up the flooring in the front porch. He went back to work on sunday, and I took the day to be 6 different kinds of lazy.

Monday was a little tiny bit of a twist in and of itself. Marvin decided to stir up a little bit of shit where Jessica and I are concerned, which naturally upset her. Her LJ goes into the basics of what he said, but it pretty much boils down to he told her I hinted to him during our first conversation that there were things I was doing specificly because she wanted to, though I didn’t necessarily want to. I just kind of shook my head at it, but it seemed to bother her a lot. She forwarded me the emails he was sending back and forth with her. I had a read, then promptly went off on him like nobody’s business in email. He was all appologetic, after changing his story once or twice, including saying it was something she told him that she’d discussed with Tasha, or something like that. Siiiigh. Drama blows hard. He emailed me with a profuse appology, then texted Jessica repeatedly with the same damn thing. Next day, he appologised to her in person. She’s apparently accepted it, but as for myself, I think I’ll still be pissed for a while. The rest of the week was pretty uneventful though, and I eventually (meaning on Wednesday) wandered on back to Ottawa. This after finishing the wrapping of Jess’s birthday present. I took wednesday to recover from the week. Thursday was mostly job related stuff, and yesterday was wrapping the Christmas presents I’d bought here but didn’t take to Pembroke with me. Primarily because the 3 people I bought for were living in or frequently visiting the house during that week. There was a little tiny bit of frustration with Jessica’s buses, mostly related to issues with mother nature. Queen bee killer bitch herself decided it would be awesome to dump like a hundred feet of snow on Rochester and area. Well, okay, only 1 or 2. Her 1:40 bus is apparently all manner of cancelled, so she’s going to make a shot at the 8:15 one. Later than usual arival time, but hey, she’ll be here. So not complaining. Today will be, um, well, let’s see. Laundry, cleaning. No, wait, cleaned already. Okay, laundry. Oh, and waiting to hear if she’s actually going to be here or not.

In the chaos that is my life, I seem to have missed a couple special occasions. So, happy belated birthdays, Shon (thecrazykiwi) and Rox’e (pawpower4me)!

PS: If ever I go this long without posting again, could someone please drop kick me?

I are not deaded!

Contrary to popular belief I still check on this thing (I’ve even been dropping comments!). There’s just not been any actual content dumped in here in a small age. Really, up until recently there’s not been a whole lot of shtuff to remark on. I finished up my trip to Jesica’s (samari76) by us ordering out on the Saturday, and just taking the evening to do that thing where we be as lazy as the day is long. I made it back to Ottawa in one piece, naturally, and pretty much took it easy for the next week or so. After that, things started to sort of happen in pretty quick succession. I’ll try and catch folks up with what I can remember, but it’s been pretty non-stop for a bit.

I found a handful of jobs that were subsequently applied for, though as of yet none of them have called me back. I’m still keeping my eyes open for leads, but as it stands right now, it’s not looking entirely too promising. Trish made mention of a site looking for someone specificly familiar with Freedom Scientific‘s JAWS for Windows program. And, since I, well, use the thing, I figure what the hell. She informed my mother of this, though, and in typical mother fashion, she knew there was a company that was looking, but went and forgot the important information. Specificly, um, which company. Brilliant. So, it’s pick Trish’s brain time. Other than that though, employment situation’s pretty well the same; that being completely and totally not there. Go me.

I also get to spend two weeks in Pembroke, *without* the parentals. I’ve been requested and probably required to take advantage of my unemployed status and am house sitting for them while the mother thing flees the country with my dad for a couple weeks. Which basicly means quality time spent with the puppies, and an actual house to myself. Complete with a decent satelite TV package. Not that the cable package I have is anything to be considered small, but hey, if I’m not paying for it, that just makes it that much better. At some point I’ll probably end up catching up with a few other members of the family, but for the moment, piece and quiet is the order of the day.

Well okay, that and hockey. The preseason has snuck up on me; I thought it started later than it actually did. Instead, it starts tonight. In… about half an hour, actually. Nifty and all that. Everything is right in the world. And the regular season starts in plenty of time for another little piece of excitement to happen.

The weekend of our thanks giving, Jessica will be coming up here to spend it with me and the family. She’s never actually had, I don’t think, what I’d call a family get together for thanks giving. Or if she has, she’s not told me. So this will be good for her. Plus, you know, the fact I’d love a chance to get to spend more time with her, even if it’s just for a few days. We purchased the ticket last monday, and as it stands now, she gets here on October 10th, and goes home on the 13th. The plan, then, is to have the dinner itself on Saturday, when we’ll have most if not all of us together for it. Which will actually be nice for more than one or two reasons.
So there, I’ve been busy. Just not necessarily, um… well, active. Oh yes, and LJ idol? Not happening this year. Obviously. Next year, though, we shall see. Depending entirely on how lazy/motivated/whatever I feel when it comes up.

Oh, and before I forget (I know, I already pretty much did), happy belated birthday, Nefertiti (almadefortitude)! Hopefully this trip around the sun’s as good as or better than the last one. Although by the sounds of it, it seems to be improving already.

PS: Piece and quiet can start now, seeing as the fire department just picked *now* to inspect our smoke detectors. Not pretty when you have two very territorial muts.

Pre-awakening ramblings, or something.

So. It’s that day, and nearly that time. I’m pretty much all packed, and just need to do that thing where I run around the house for 30 seconds or so making sure I’m not forgetting something critical to my vacationing. Like, say, my ID. Because that would just be all kinds of sucky. I have apparently been given only one option for departing today, and that’s via the passenger seat in the mother thing’s vehicle. Which, well, I’m not exactly about to complain; I didn’t *really* want to pay for cab fair anyway. But still. An hour and a half away just to drive me to the bloody bus station? Kay, mom.

I’ll get to doing that whole waking up thing at some point in the not too distant future. Maybe. But in the meantime, because I’ve already missed one and am going to miss the other. Happy belated to djner, even though you probably aren’t about to see this any time soon. And, happy birthday, Michelle (sheyrena)! I’d save it for when you’re actually awake, but I’m in all likelyhood not gonna be here then, so you get an LJ one instead. Hope this year turns out as good as or better than the last one, for both of you.

Well now. So much for “your information is secure/bank reps will never ask you for your password”. Amusing as hell, to put it rather nicely. But I’m still quite glad I’m, uh, not anywhere near being a customer for this particular bank. Hmm, wonder if I should try that with RBC. Okay, I’m sufficiently amused now.

Teh birthday!

Happy birthday, french_creek! Hopefully your next trip around the sun’s equally as good as or better than the last one. And, random fact for your contemplation or ignoring. You now share a birthday with my cousin’s baby, who I was just informed was born at 3:00 this morning and came in at 8 lbs, 6 az. So I guess, that makes it a double birthday, even though one of them will probably never see it. So happy birthday also to Haily Victoria!

Yay for teh birthday!

Well, or something. Okay, 4 days late. Sue me. The mother thing and one of my aunts ended up coming up for the afternoon/evening, and mostly because we had no damn clue where the hell else to go for foodstuffs, we ended up at East Side Mario’s. As usual, the food there was pretty close to damn good. Even mom, who’s usually the first to find something wrong with her meal, couldn’t really criticize. The mother decided to get a little snap happy, but didn’t have her camera on her. She bought supper, so I was sort of obliged to let her use the one on my phone… that, folks, is why the word “oops” was invented. In an attempt to embarrass the hell out of me (she’s my own mother, and she still doesn’t know how hard that is), she had the restaurant’s waiting staff do their usual little birthday thing. I kinda just stood there wondering whatkinda crack they were smoking. Not quite as easy as you think!

The snap happy that is my mother didn’t really stop with me, though. My aunt was sitting to my right, and wasn’t exactly safe from the camera either. This girl so doesn’t like her picture taken. And, y’know, because she was apparently obliged to take her poor sister’s picture, I just have to post it. Not exactly a thrilled aunt Holly.

Mom gave me a new watch, and a bottle of whine for my birthday. My aunt gave me a bottle of rie. So after we got back from supper, mom and I killed about 3/4 of the first bottle between the two of us (well, okay, mostly it was me). Then we hit up the casino, where I promptly donated 25 bucks when it was all said and done. Mom walked outa there $60 poorer, and I think so too did my aunt. All in all though, I suspect there were some good times to be had. Now, all I have to worry about is whether or not these here pictures will cooperate.

Teh birthday!

Happy birthday, masterofmusings! Hopefully this next trip around the sun’s as easy on you or easier than the last one. And hopefully you’ll see the light… Corner Gas just isn’t worth cryin’ over.

It’s that birthday thang.

So, happy birthday, clefurgey! Yeah, I know, I said it to you already. Cope. I’m saying it again. ‘Cuz y’know, that’s how I do. Hopefully you do a little more having of fun this time around. And hopefully this time you actually get your ass up here and see me. Don’t make me make that special trip down there to collect you, girl. 😛

Happy birthday, funblindsinger!

So she doesn’t bother with her LJ anymore and has probably never been to mine. I can still say so. And that I’ve said it now when it’s not for another 2 days means 1: she has that much time to do either or, and 2: I don’t get to feel like an ass for forgetting! I should probably call her about then, but that, I’ll probably forget to do. Somebody remind me.