Up, but not necessarily awake.

As generally hinted at by other entries posted here, Jessica (samari76) made it here with absolutely no difficulty whatsoever. Well, once she found herself a bus that was actually leaving when it was supposed to. She managed to get herself aboard the bus leaving at 8:15, since her usual bus was cancelled thanks to the queen bitch that is mother nature. She didn’t end up getting in until about 9:00 on saturday, much thanks to one delay or another; be it trafic, scheduling, or people taking too damn long. She was tired as all get out, so we crashed relatively early (well, early for us on a saturday, anyway). We slept in extra late yesterday, then were significantly more lazy than is usual for us while she recovered a bit more from her trip. Spent the rest of that day just talking, and catching up on things. I gave her one of her birthday presents yesterday, the 9th season of Everybody Loves Raymond. There’s another one here for her, but being as she’s both in this very room righrt now and reading over her friends list, I won’t be saying what it is on here, but thanks for coming out. There are plans in the works for later on today, assuming I can get a hold of specific individuals. But first, I’ll need to nail someone to the wall regarding our apparent lack of heating in the place. See, this is what happens when you’re not actually sleeping in your own bed for a couple weeks at a timie; the major cold sets in, and you don’t notice it until you get to being here with, um, company. So that’s the basic plan for the day. And, though I’ve already said it in person, I’ll say it here anyway because, well, it’s me. Happy birthday, Jessica! Hopefully this year’s as good for you or better than the last one.

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