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  • I have been remarkably neglectful.

    It shall now be corrected. A rather belated happy birthday to Fran (poetprodigy7), who actually cellebrated it over last weekend. Hopefully this trip around the sun’s as good as or better than the last one! And, on the actual right day for a change, happy birthday, Lauren (
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  • I are not deaded!

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    Contrary to popular belief I still check on this thing (I’ve even been dropping comments!). There’s just not been any actual content dumped in here in a small age. Really, up until recently there’s not been a whole lot of shtuff to remark on. I finished up my trip to
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  • Pre-awakening ramblings, or something.

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    So. It’s that day, and nearly that time. I’m pretty much all packed, and just need to do that thing where I run around the house for 30 seconds or so making sure I’m not forgetting something critical to my vacationing. Like, say, my ID. Because that would just be
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  • Teh birthday!


    Happy birthday, french_creek! Hopefully your next trip around the sun’s equally as good as or better than the last one. And, random fact for your contemplation or ignoring. You now share a birthday with my cousin’s baby, who I was just informed was born at 3:00 this morning and
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  • Yay for teh birthday!

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    Well, or something. Okay, 4 days late. Sue me. The mother thing and one of my aunts ended up coming up for the afternoon/evening, and mostly because we had no damn clue where the hell else to go for foodstuffs, we ended up at East Side Mario’s. As usual,
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  • Teh birthday!

    Happy birthday, masterofmusings! Hopefully this next trip around the sun’s as easy on you or easier than the last one. And hopefully you’ll see the light… Corner Gas just isn’t worth cryin’ over.
  • It’s that birthday thang.

    So, happy birthday, clefurgey! Yeah, I know, I said it to you already. Cope. I’m saying it again. ‘Cuz y’know, that’s how I do. Hopefully you do a little more having of fun this time around. And hopefully this time you actually get your ass up here and see
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  • Happy birthday, funblindsinger!

    So she doesn’t bother with her LJ anymore and has probably never been to mine. I can still say so. And that I’ve said it now when it’s not for another 2 days means 1: she has that much time to do either or, and 2: I don’t get to
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