It’s that birthday thang.

So, happy birthday, clefurgey! Yeah, I know, I said it to you already. Cope. I’m saying it again. ‘Cuz y’know, that’s how I do. Hopefully you do a little more having of fun this time around. And hopefully this time you actually get your ass up here and see me. Don’t make me make that special trip down there to collect you, girl. 😛

One response to “It’s that birthday thang.”

  1. aww, thanks, hun. Makes me feel special, you make the first of my friends to wish me happy b-day on the actual day.
    and damn, I’d love it if you came down here, you know that. All you’d have to do is give me like two days notice or whatever, then i’d just pakc my crap, we wouldn’t even have to stay long.
    Christ, you’re tempting me. This is bad, haha.

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