Pre-awakening ramblings, or something.

So. It’s that day, and nearly that time. I’m pretty much all packed, and just need to do that thing where I run around the house for 30 seconds or so making sure I’m not forgetting something critical to my vacationing. Like, say, my ID. Because that would just be all kinds of sucky. I have apparently been given only one option for departing today, and that’s via the passenger seat in the mother thing’s vehicle. Which, well, I’m not exactly about to complain; I didn’t *really* want to pay for cab fair anyway. But still. An hour and a half away just to drive me to the bloody bus station? Kay, mom.

I’ll get to doing that whole waking up thing at some point in the not too distant future. Maybe. But in the meantime, because I’ve already missed one and am going to miss the other. Happy belated to djner, even though you probably aren’t about to see this any time soon. And, happy birthday, Michelle (sheyrena)! I’d save it for when you’re actually awake, but I’m in all likelyhood not gonna be here then, so you get an LJ one instead. Hope this year turns out as good as or better than the last one, for both of you.

Well now. So much for “your information is secure/bank reps will never ask you for your password”. Amusing as hell, to put it rather nicely. But I’m still quite glad I’m, uh, not anywhere near being a customer for this particular bank. Hmm, wonder if I should try that with RBC. Okay, I’m sufficiently amused now.

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