Yay for teh birthday!

Well, or something. Okay, 4 days late. Sue me. The mother thing and one of my aunts ended up coming up for the afternoon/evening, and mostly because we had no damn clue where the hell else to go for foodstuffs, we ended up at East Side Mario’s. As usual, the food there was pretty close to damn good. Even mom, who’s usually the first to find something wrong with her meal, couldn’t really criticize. The mother decided to get a little snap happy, but didn’t have her camera on her. She bought supper, so I was sort of obliged to let her use the one on my phone… that, folks, is why the word “oops” was invented. In an attempt to embarrass the hell out of me (she’s my own mother, and she still doesn’t know how hard that is), she had the restaurant’s waiting staff do their usual little birthday thing. I kinda just stood there wondering whatkinda crack they were smoking. Not quite as easy as you think!

The snap happy that is my mother didn’t really stop with me, though. My aunt was sitting to my right, and wasn’t exactly safe from the camera either. This girl so doesn’t like her picture taken. And, y’know, because she was apparently obliged to take her poor sister’s picture, I just have to post it. Not exactly a thrilled aunt Holly.

Mom gave me a new watch, and a bottle of whine for my birthday. My aunt gave me a bottle of rie. So after we got back from supper, mom and I killed about 3/4 of the first bottle between the two of us (well, okay, mostly it was me). Then we hit up the casino, where I promptly donated 25 bucks when it was all said and done. Mom walked outa there $60 poorer, and I think so too did my aunt. All in all though, I suspect there were some good times to be had. Now, all I have to worry about is whether or not these here pictures will cooperate.

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