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  • Support for windows 8 ended on Tuesday. downgrade to Windows 7 now.


    Microsoft does this far too often to be healthy. They’ll release a halfway decent version of Windows, give it a year or several to run its course, then push out a flopper as a replacement. The flopper goes flop, Microsoft realizes perhaps they might not oughta have done that, so … Read the rest

  • Geek training, now with actual geek tools.

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    College is awesome, if for no other reason than while I’m not being paid, I’ve still got plenty to keep me occupied during a day. And now, the stuff I have to keep me occupied just became a whole lot more relevant. I’ve been taking this program for pretty much … Read the rest

  • The easy as pie CPanel WebFaction migration guide.

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    for reasons of plenty, I’ve had to end up switching hosting away from the server I won’t be running for much longer. The host I picked, I did largely based on the fact they advertise themselves as being a host for developers–which, for me, translates as a host for geeks. … Read the rest

  • Bank of Montreal learns the gentle way why default passwords are bad for you.


    This post could have also been titled: BMO is not smarter than a ninth-grader. It will probably surprise all of no one that there’s at least one version of your typical ATM’s user manual floating around the internets. It’ll probably also surprise all of no one that–at least as of … Read the rest

  • Why I will be a #Uber convert for as long as they’ll let me.

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    It’s a way too familiar story if you live pretty much anywhere. Your options for getting from A to B if you don’t feel like driving are limited to friends with cars, public transportation, or a handful of taxi companies who all charge very similar prices, take way too damn … Read the rest

  • In which I actually learn things. Who knew?

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    This thing’s due for an update. I have a couple minutes free in class. Therefore, update. And it’s a something. Last week, I officially started what I term my geek training. 6 eternities and a forever later, I walked into the first class of a computer systems technician program at … Read the rest

  • More posts by email things.


    So a way back when, I found something that sort of did the trick for receiving posts by email. Mostly, except not really. It sent you your posts by email, but you got one email with anywhere from one to who knows how many posts depending on how active I … Read the rest

  • Rock bottom: charging $27 to install free software.


    My former employer gets a little loopier every few months, I’m pretty sure. This time, the loopy shows up in the UK, in the form of a nearly $30 charge to install Firefox on some of their business level machines. Now, I’m not above charging someone for basic services–I used … Read the rest

  • Once more with feeling: Default passwords are bad. Not kidding.

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    If you’ve been reading this thing for any amount of time, you’ll probably notice I tend to come up with all manner of very strongly worded opinions. Particularly in the neighbourhood of geek things. Like, for instance, when it comes to folks who set up a piece of hardware–like, say, … Read the rest

  • System administration. Because the vodka industry needs some love, too.

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    Warning: the below post is probably long, and definitely geeky. You’ve been warned. I’ve had this blog and several others hosted on a server I run and pay for since around the neighbourhood of 2010 or 2011. Naturally, this means I go beyond the whole finding random things to post … Read the rest

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