Verizon breaks your phone, charges $20 extra to fix it.

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. Just when you think “Hey, a feature I can actually find a use for”, your local phone company things “Hey, a feature I can find a price for”. Latest example? […]

In which WordPress and my server conspire to psych me out.

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. I’ve been making a fair few changes to things on this end lately. Mostly changes aimed at preventing things from falling flat on their faces. For the past few days, […]

European politicians join the wi-fi is evil camp. Go Europe!

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. I may or may not have made reference before to folks who get it in their heads that wi-fi has this issue wherein it’s exceedingly damaging in some way, shape […]

Fake hardware failures suck almost as bad as real ones.

Disclaimer: If you’re not of a technical mind, or things like hard drive failures make you run screaming in the other direction, you may want to skip this post. Just a friendly warning from your neighbourhood undercaffinated geek. Particularly when the fake ones in question leave not just you, but your equally technically inclined roommate, […]

When is a router no longer a router? The sequel.

That didn’t take long. After just over a year of actual, constant usage, the router I ended up finally putting in service last February took that very short drive off the performance cliff. Or perhaps it was a long-ish one I just didn’t really pay attention to. The problem itself took the better part of […]

Guest Post: Welcome to open communication, pizza pizza.

Blog author’s note: the below content is a guest contribution. Any responses will, if nothing goes and breaks, go directly to the post’s author and not to me. If you would like to contribute to the blog, contact me to discuss the possibility. I love pizza, and hey, so does the owner of this here […]

|I was not fooled yesterday, just scared to death. Twice.

I blame Slashdot, and them there folks what host this blog. The web host thought it would be fun to include as part of their blog posting prank a little thinggy about the company being sold off, and their own control panel–which, by the way, could have benefitted from some of my caffeine this morning–being […]

Bell tries screw the consumer 2.0, Netflix points it out–again.

It’s no secret the CRTC has spent most of this year failing at this whole keeping the big 3 ISP’s in Canada at something vaguely resembling in line. They decided nearly two months ago that unlimitted internet didn’t actually exist, and kind of stuck to that until escentially told not to be–Shane’s take on how […]

We should not be allowed anywhere near anything technological. No, seriously.

The following things should, in fact, be restricted from both myself and Shane for the safety of the general public. Any kind of network access whatsoever Most forms of access to the internet, or at least the less legal portions of the internet Any and all versions, local or otherwise, of dropbox–this includes, but is […]

Old computer is old, and other asorted bits.

I’ve officially managed to date Jessica‘s computer. Its official age, as of right now, is older than dirt. Yesterday was an adventure in the upgrading of RAM. After finally figuring out this thing cannot keep its various periferals attached while it’s being worked on, I got to playing around with a couple 1 GB sticks […]

The CRTC snaps its fingers, and unlimitted internet no longer exists.

I’m not one for capped internet connections. Never have been. Not even if I’m only checking email. I took full advantage of one ISP on my way out for reasons of capped bandwidth/traffick shaping policies–that they’re still continuing with, last I’d heard. I ripped into another for offering its own customers an on-demand streaming service […]

In which ConfigServer quite possibly breaks WordPress. Oof.

I’ve been dabbling in the more involved server admin business for the past while. One of the things we’ve been experimenting with for the better part of a month is the firewall provided by ConfigServer. It’s halfway decent for what it does, as long as you’re not trying to do anything too involved–like, say, get […]

The catholic school board’s IT department is *not* smarter than an 8th-grader.

From the department of IT Security 101, courtesy the Peterborough Catholic district School Board, comes this real life lesson of what happens when you don’t tripple check your security. you end up hacked by one of your own students. John Mackle, education director at the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board, said […]

Verizon gets to end up with the iPhone. I’m sorry.

Verizon’s been building up over the last week to this supposedly major announcement to happen today. Today came and went, and the biggest thing to come out of that announcement? The iPhone. Naturally, there’s a sort of but not really appropriate level of fanpeopleism over it–it’s an Apple product; what’d you expect? Or rather, it’s […]

Mac app store jailbroken after a day. Now who didn’t see that coming?

last week, the app store for Mac OS was released to the general public. No more than 24 hours later, it’s been cracked for the general public. You probably didn’t need a crystal ball to see this coming–try and lock something down, and you’re only challenging people to find ways around it. You need only […]

Once again, I called it. Apple’s software download site? Dead.

A few months ago, I dared to predict Apple would be slowly herding developers and users to their new app store for the mac in place of the ability to download apps of their choice from other sources. One such other source, which is currently accessible on Mac OSX, is apple’s software download website–that site, […]

Update: Delicious isn’t dead. Yet.

Fans of the previously mentioned Delicious website may be entitled to a tiny little bit of cellebratory partying. According to clarifications that floated across my desk today, they’re possibly not, in fact, shutting down. Updates directly from Yahoo!, courtesy Shane’s blog, indicate they may be selling off the service instead. No word whatsoever on Yahoo’s […]

If a delicious falls off the internet, does anyone notice?

I don’t know anyone who’s ever actually used Delicious, or if you’d prefer, with the exception of maybe those folks over at Lifehacker. Yeah, in spite of the fact damn near every social networking plugin/add-on for a website has the service available–nearly as available as Facebook. Well, if you do use it, you won’t […]

Attention 1310 news: there is nothing “special” about Victoria’s stolen iPhone.

Sometime last week, a University of Ottawa student wound up needing to replace her iPhone. Someone decided she didn’t really need the one she had, so offered–rather forcefully–to take it off her hands. Two things make it headline worthy, according to 1310 news–one of which is untrue. The girl in question was blind–and, if it’s […]

Email is dead. Unless you don’t use Facebook. But then you don’t care.

Every so often, something will come along that threatens to kill email. And nearly as often, that ends up dying instead. And now, as of yesterday, Facebook has its own answer to email–and it’s even being advertised as something to give Gmail, Microsoft etc a run for their money. Before you start thinking that sounds […]

Windows 7: All of Vista’s cool, and only one of Vista’s sucks.

Sadly, Microsoft doesn’t see the user account control system as a bug. Sigh. Still, having done tech support for Vista, and then set up and rather extensively either used or seen used the system afterwards, if that’s the only thing I have to complain about–and so far, it is–it can’t be too terribly annoying. Particularly […]