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  • The only Heartbleed left now is the NSA.

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    So pretty much everything exploded this week. If you were paying attention, you were probably warned not to go near things like your online banking site, or pretty damn near anything that advertises itself as having a secure connection. This is because of a pretty lethal bug in the software … Read the rest

  • How I ended up firing Windows XP.

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    So for anyone who happens to be paying attention, april 7th is XP dies a death day. Microsoft has decided after what’s probably shot past the 10 year mark to drop support for the OS. Which, escentially, means if you’re still running that version of Windows, you’ve just officially volunteered … Read the rest

  • In which tech failures happen in 3’s.


    Things have a tendency of getting all kinds of eventful up in here. Particularly when they don’t really need to be. If it’s not family making, breaking, remaking, switching up and then completely forgetting about plans in the span of 5 minutes, or things bouncing in just about every direction … Read the rest

  • In which Star Trek becomes a little less like science fiction. You saw it coming.

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    With the exception of the origional series–well, and the damage they started doing to the franchise with the last couple movies they turned out, you might say I’m a bit of a Star Trek fan. Well, okay, probably more than a bit–days like today would be mighty fine use cases … Read the rest

  • Fun with passwords. Or, why your 25-year-old sysadmin might be looking a little grey.

    Default passwords are a thing, and for a fairly decent reason. Your crap needs to be relatively secure, even if you haven’t actually done anything useful with your crap since the start of its existence. Default passwords are also incredibly, incredibly bad for you. It’s why most actual corporations force … Read the rest

  • You know your skills are in demand when…


    So. I mentioned once or twice my end goal being putting the geek abilities that result in, among other things, the existence of this website on paper. Someone asked me once what I’d use as an indication the skills I’m looking to prove I have and expand on are ones … Read the rest

  • Dear CPanel. You need to support Postfix. I’ll even ask nicely.


    Since my former web host gave me the boot for fairly ridiculous reasons, I’ve had the pleasure of getting extremely familiar with a server and software of my very own. Part of the setup I’ve got going on now involves CPanel, which escentially lets me set up a website, … Read the rest

  • How I handle backups. Or, happy world backup day!

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    For most of the world, it’s Easter. at least, on the east coast, for the next… we’ll say… less than an hour. But for anyone who maybe doesn’t cellebrate easter, or has maybe more important things on their plate besides that, today is also world backup day. In honour … Read the rest

  • If you used any of these passwords for, well, anything, please deposit your user’s license.

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    It’s a little late for best/worst of 2012 lists, but no one ever said I stuck to a schedule. Besides, this one amuses particularly because, well, server admin. So it’s kind of a big deal, if you get me. And also it beats the royal hell out of an entry … Read the rest

  • Did your internets grow a wednesday wabble? Here’s probably why.


    What do you get when you take an ISP accused of being a spammer, the organization doing the accusing, the several security organizations defending the accuser, and one hell of an axe to grind? If you answered a wicked nifty cool DDoS attack, you get yourself a cookie. But since … Read the rest

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