Putting the holy busy back into holiday. Or something.

the last couple days have been, well, oh my god busy in the extreme. Hence the lack of anything vaguely resembling a post in that time. Yeah, that includes hockey posts–but oh well. In really quick, list format. because I’ve only got a couple minutes and then it’s off to see the wizard. Or rather, collect my fiance. Whichever.

  • Christmas shopping. Done. that only took creativity and money. Thank God that’s in short supply–oh wait, that’s a bad thing. Nevermind.
  • Finalizing plans for Christmas at the parents’, as we usually have it every hear. Insane will probably be the word of the day.
  • Mass amounts of grocery shopping. Jessica wants to do a Christmas breakfast, and dammit she’ll have her stuff for a Christmas breakfast. Even if it kills me. Or breaks the bank account. Thank God it did neither.
  • As said, off to grab Jess from the bus station in a few. She’s up for Christmas, and then a somewhat shortened new years. Welcome to the one time New Years day ends up on a Saturday and she’s gotta work the Sunday.
  • And in completely unrelated news: the blog may or may not be moving away from DreamHost, as part of a venture I’m currently a part of setting up. More details when I’m not trying to condense everything into bullet points.

That’s me this week. So how’s your holiday going?

I’m beginning to post a lot like Christmas.

It being that time of year again, and me being insanely busy–as I very usually am when this time of year shows up, there hasn’t been a whole lot in the way of actual content up here that wasn’t something vaguely resembling mockery. Or something thrown at me from relatives via email–hello, previous entry. In compensation, have a list of some of my favourite posts from Christmas seasons past, over the blog’s 3 incarnations. And who knows, I may find time later on to do one or two to add to the list.

Enjoy your holidays, and try not to do anything I wouldn’t do. It’s probably bad for you.

My creditcard issuer has creditcard issues.

I have the good fortune, or not–depending on your perspective, to be in posession of a creditcard. Up until last week, the card worked pretty well flawlessly for anything from ordering pizza to paying the occasional bill online, in the event I’m too damn inpatient and/or lazy to bother with the slightly more traditional internet banking transfer. However, the last week or so, it’s decided to rather summarily flip me off. Randomly, it decided the CVV code I was using since I got the card–I only got the thing maybe last year or the year before–the code I’ve been using to make 90% of those purchases was no longer as valid as it was 5 minutes before I decided to use it. So I’ve been going through a pretty interesting little roundabout dance with Royal Bank, also known as them what issued my card. Their system, as much as they won’t actually admit it, appears to have ate my CVV code. This is more of a record of what’s going on for my own purposes, and well, in the event some other poor fool winds up with a similar problem. As things happen, I’ll probably come back to this post. My 7 days of fail started pretty much exactly a week ago. In list format, because. Lazy.

  • After much arm twisting, teeth pulling, and generally screaming at folks, I got the fundage to purchase the screenreader I need from Frontier Computing
  • Called them up and, after a bit of phone dancing, landed the purchase $1100 and some change later
  • Fast forward to last Friday, we’re trying to throw money at things down on that other side of the border, requiring I change the address on the card temporarily to a US one–a thing I’ve done a few times before
  • Change the address, go to make the payment, get declined due to CVV issues
  • CVV is correct, and was entered multiple times by both myself and Shane just to be on the damn sure side
  • Call up the bank, WTF at them for a few minutes, get told the CVV’s correct–well, yes, I had a feeling–and to call the merchant
  • Rather than beat our heads against that right then, we try throwing a payment in the general direction of AT&T
  • Once again, incorrect CVV, once again, we call the bank, once again, CVV is correct
  • Make that payment to AT&T via a telephone rep, who *didn’t* ask for the CVV, and it goes through no problem
  • Try to find a payment for our first attempted US payment over the phone, no luck
  • Try online again, get summarily flipped off, call the bank and, yep, everything’s correct–it’s the merchant’s fault
  • Switch back to the Canadian address, and we decide to finally find a use for one of my Tim Hortons gift cards–why in the hell I had two of them, I’ll never know–so it gets handed off to Shane, and we try to throw a few dollars at it via the card
  • Once again, we get summarily flipped off because of the CVV, and once again, RBC blames the merchant–this is the third one who’s flipped us off re: the CVV, so now I’m a little less open to that possibility than I was before
  • Saturday, we escentially get into hockey mode–which, of course, means pizza, which means ordering via creditcard on account of the bank machine’s over there and we’re not
  • That, of course, goes through no problem–of course, they also don’t ask for the CVV either (Hey, I thought they should; not doing so was their idea.)
  • Monday, we find out we have approximately 4 days to get paperwork into government offices, and not exactly world’s likeliest chance at being able to physically deliver it to the offending office–sometimes, not being able to drive and living in a small town gets to sucking hardcore
  • We decide on a whim, since most if not all of what’s needed is available online, we’ll pull it to the local machine, sign up for a fax number (hello, MyFax), and fire it off to the office that way
  • Assuming, since we know it can’t be the merchants all at once having issues it must be RBC that’s broken, and hoping against hope they’ve fixed it, we give signing up for it a try–and, once again, are summarily flipped off
  • Now, I’m about irritated and decide screw it I’m going to bed–this was kind of squeezed in between and around various phone and other exchanges with people who generally couldn’t seem to find their way to a clue
  • I give MyFax a try again several hours later, no go, Idaho–so again, decide to put it on the back burner until I figure out where the problem’s hiding out
  • Rogers, in its infinite wisdom, decides to then pick this morning as the absolute perfect time to decide the money I threw in their general direction isn’t getting to them fast enough, so they flip the switch what puts an end to our phone service
  • Not thinking, because why would I want to do that at 5:00 in the morning, I decide–hey, James, let’s just take care of what they say you owe them now and when their money catches up to them, they can just count that towards your next bill
  • Of course, the broken that is my creditcard escapes me at this point, so I call in, go through the routine, get summarily flipped off again thanks to bad CVV
  • Once again, call the bank, go a few rounds with the phone rep, who promptly blames the merchant–also, once again
  • Walk all over this rep, then summarily flip him off
  • Take a break from dealing with this, call Rogers directly, apply the appropriate clue that says they will get their money when I have it and not a minute before, then take care of some highly unrelated business before tackling this again
  • Call back to RBC, get a rep who’s first response isn’t quite so much to blame the merchant or, for that matter, RBC’s second favourite thing to blame throughout this issue–me
  • He does, at least, confirm no, the $1100 and change purchase didn’t likely set off alarms that, in simplest of terms, broke my card
  • Go a round or two with him, he also confirms the CVV does what it’s supposed to, decides something about the card’s dead–no, really?
  • Sends me out a replacement card, different card number, different CVV, same lovely little creditcard balance–but at least I got a shiny new interest rate out of it

So far, we still have absolutely no freaking idea what made my card go sideways. RBC blames the people I’m giving the info to, or me for entering the wrong info. Everyone I give the info to blames the bank for not confirming it, or me for giving them the wrong info. The bank is able to varify my info, shooting holes in half of both their theories. And I still sit here confused. This thing, whatever it is, isn’t over yet–not, I suspect, by any means. The post will probably be added to as things develop. I should have the new card in about a week or so, and if it’s just as broken, RBC and me will go yet another round. Sometimes, I love banking breakage. Only not really.

This debate hurts my head.

And, surprise surprise, it reminds me why it is I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over not getting out to vote next week. In list format, because I’m lazy.

  • Andrew Hayden: spending most of the debate picking at the other candidates, and interjecting his 0.5 cents where it’s not welcome–like, say, when someone else is supposed to have the floor. Go away, Andrew.
  • Clive Doucet: Pro-LRT, anti-tunnel, no idea what he’ll do with municipal taxes to compensate–or if he knows, he sure as hell isn’t saying. Also: Really? You’ll criticise O’Brien on how he handled the OC Transpo strike, but you’ll give me the stink eye for criticising the same? And yeah, I’m still not a fan of spam. You go somewhere else, too. Just not the same place as Andy–I don’t think he likes you. Or anyone.
  • Jim Watson/Larry O’Brien: Where’s the difference? One taxed us municipally, one taxed us provincially. Both are pro-LRT, pro-tunnel, anti-clue. And they spent the debate sniping back and forth at each other more than Andrew Hayden did at any of them. But aside from the fact Watson actually answered a question re: how much the LRT system would cost, whereas Larry well, um, did the exact opposite, they look very much the same to me.

I asked the candidates in the debate to maybe knock off the bickering and actually answer the questions being asked. I don’t particularly think they came close to doing that. If I didn’t one day plan to rmove back to the city, I might be inclined to view this more comically. As it is, though? I think I’m actually kind of scared. That’s not an easy accomplishment. Nice work, guys.

PS: Andy, the biggest criticism we had about Larry O’Brien is he wouldn’t work with city council. You didn’t even work with the moderators of the debate. You fail. That is all.

Random observations: In death series.

In list format, because I’m just smashing these things together while one of the books are playing. And, for the record, Salvation In death? All of these observations rolled into one nifty little package.

  • Eve Dallas is one hell of a snarky, sarcastic, bitchy bitch. I’d have a beer with her if she wasn’t fictional.
  • Her husband’s very nearly as snarky sarcastic. Not quite as–Eve’s the main character, after all. But hey, if she was to wind up in a coma or something, the series might very well do just fine without her–so long as he didn’t end up in a coma right next to her.
  • Some of the witnesses in this series? To call them airheads would be an insult to airheads everywhere.
  • Some of the recurring supporting characters? See my commentary re: witnesses.
  • The only female character who doesn’t have legs up to her very nice boobs is, once again, Eve. Who doesn’t even have the very nice boobs.
  • Bright side: she’s got some pretty wicked social issues. Watching her work through them is kind of interesting.
  • Holy royal hell. Just how many different and overly exagerated sexual positions can two people physically get tangled up in? Is she a bloody featherweight or something?
  • Again with the flying cars. So 1960’s. At least these ones have GPS and autopilot. Now when can I drive one?

Random thoughts I didn’t put on Twitter.

I always said I have my Twitter profile for things that wouldn’t make sense to blog about–those little thirty-second snipets of random that seem to come out of nowhere and you’ve forgotten before your blogging platform of choice is up and ready to accept them. You know the ones. Random observations you’ve made, short little comments on events, things it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to go into any amount of detail and would therefore sort of waste a blog post for what you could probably do in less than 140 characters elsewhere. Like, say, Twitter. Problem is, at least today, I’ve been having random thoughts that, if posted on Twitter when I’ve finally had a chance to actually glance in its general direction, would probably make very little sense with the exception of to perhaps a small handful of people. So, in substitution, here are thoughts that didn’t make it into my Twitter stream today, in no particular order, but in list format. Because lists are cool.

  • OC Transpo’s losing money. Again. Wasn’t that 2-month strike and its eventual resolution supposed to prevent that?
  • Reasons not to call 911: your sister won’t share the computer with you. Don’t laugh; it happened.
  • Related: Calling 911 to request a taxi? Really? Is that even legal?
  • Hey look. Two years later and Ottawa still hasn’t sorted out its transit-related contractual problems. I love my city. Really.
  • The one time I’m not home to pick up a ticket, and an Ottawa area resident picks up a Lotto Max Jackpot. I tell ya, it’s fixed.
  • This is August 25th. The NHL preseason starts September 21st. There are too many days in between. Just sayin’.
  • Who wants vodka? Who can aford it? Cool. Bring me some.

And somewhere in there, I threw a weekend.

Calling the last week or so busy would probably be an insult to busy weeks everywhere, but in a lot of ways, that’s exactly what it was. After the assessment of doom, I took it easy the rest of monday and did absolutely nothing. I needed the relaxation for the rest of the week. Tuesday night was pretty much the start of insanity. Small, relatively contained, but insanity.

Somehow, my nephew managed to be 10 months old without my knowing it. Which means if there’s something he could possibly get his hands on, he’s probably already done so. On tuesday, I went to give the mother a hand with minding him plus the two dogs. Fortunately for both of us, when I got there he was in bed and sleeping. Not fortunately for either one of us, by 7:00 the next morning he was up and ready to go, no questions asked. And go he did–all over the place whether we wanted to chase him there or not. We took him in to see the grandparents, and he was no less energetic when we got him there. This continued pretty much all day, with the exception of maybe an hour in the afternoon when we managed to actually convince him that it wasn’t, in fact, dangerous to his health to actually spend some time immobile for a few minutes. Right up until I think it might have been 9:00 or so, it was pretty nearly non-stop. We even took him for a short walk that afternoon–mostly because we could use the break, and then he’d pretty much just go where we pushed him. By the time we finally got him down for the night, we were more than ready to fall into bed shortly behind him. And, well, we did. And got just enough sleep that the 6:30 wake-up call he’d had in mind for thursday wasn’t quite as painful as I expected. As you could probably guess, most of thursday was spent–yep, doing the exact same thing. And taking turns trying to convince him to go down for a nap so we could get things done around the house that needed to get done–that to do list tends to get pretty long when the majority of your attention’s focused on one very adoreable, but very exhausting, kid. Of course, that didn’t actually end up happening; although between the two of us I think we might have managed to scratch one or two things off that list. Kevin dropped in to kidnap him back at about noonish or so, which gave us just enough time to try clearing off the rest of that list before we hit the floor from simple lack of energy. I don’t even remember most of what happened the rest of thursday beyond the usual routine, which is almost a safe bet for any day that isn’t overly filled with chaos. Of course, the couple days I just managed to survive meant I was pretty much a zombie for most of friday. I slept like the dead thursday night, and was the walking dead pretty well up until friday night.

While I was in recovery, and probably while I was less than conscious, Meka was doing her thing for the karaoke world championships. She’d made it to the state finals as of friday, and was competing there saturday night. My origional intent was to watch the event online, but technical difficulties–for once, not on my end–quickly put the breaks on that notion. I would learn later on that night that I ended up missing an awesome performance, giving her second place and a spot at the regional competition in August.

Yesterday was more time of the familial variety, with a meetup for breakfast then another run into the grandparents’ to kill a couple hours. Then it was back to taking it relatively easy for the evening.

This morning, I got my hands on the audio portion of Meka’s performances. And, with her permission, once she makes them available in video form on Youtube, they’ll make their way here. Now, I go chase after a couple dogs while the mother unit makes her way to work. She had a job interview this morning–glad one of us still gets those, so I’ve been over here since about 10:30. And will probably still be here at about 9:30 tonight. It’s gonna be a long ass day.

Busy or not, this week’s been surprisingly educational. A small sampling of things I learned, in list format. Because, really, who doesn’t like lists?

  • Just because the kid’s not walking yet does not, in fact, mean he’s easy to catch.
    • Or slow down.
    • Or stop.
    • Or keep track of if you’re not right behind him.
  • When they decide they are not going down for a nap, you are not putting them there.
  • Nor are you going to trick them into going for one. Don’t even try it.
    • This includes playing with him even while he’s within an inch of falling asleep. He knows.
    • This also includes his grandma sneaking off to the kitchen while his uncle plays with him even though he’s an inch from falling asleep. Again, he knows.
    • This also includes his grandma sneaking off to the kitchen after he’s already asleep. I still can’t wrap my head around how, but he knows.
  • I am apparently not the only one with a periodically screwed up sleep schedule. By the way, kid? This whole 6:30 thing is not healthy.
  • The face kids that age make when you let them sample your coke? Awesome. Sorry, no video–I didn’t have my cell phone handy right then.
  • Discovered by the nephew at breakfast: your food is good, but someone else’s food is always better.
  • Yes, a 10-month-old can, in fact, get on top of your end table if he wants to bad enough.
    • Or pull something off it.
    • Or pull out the end table’s drawer if you aren’t presently leaning against it.
  • Rules are meant to be broken. And gates that block off stairs to prevent infant head trauma are meant to be opened.
  • Related: The fact you’ve just wedged the afore mentioned gate against the wall so you’d practically need a sledgehammer to remove it? That’s not discouragement. That’s a challenge.
  • The second worst possible thing you could ever do is say no. The worst possible thing is mean it.
    • Of course, he’ll probably do it anyway.
    • Twice, just because you said no.
    • And once more just for spite, I swear.
  • 10 months old is not too young to start messing with people’s heads. Either that or this kid’s wickedly gifted.
  • If and when I ever get around to having one, I’m investing in a goddamn leash. At least.

Things you miss when you don’t read the news. Or, why I should pay more attention to the mock-worthy.

I haven’t been keeping up on my usual sources of entertainment this week, primarily on account of having catching up to do in other areas. I kick myself for it now. In list format, because I can, things I could have, and should have, soundly mocked this week. You may feel free to mock one or all of them in the comments on my behalf. I won’t be upset.

  • What’s the first thing you do if you’ve just been caught in an afair, and your significant other decides to up and leave you? If you’re this chick, you sue the cell company. Because, you know, there’s just no way he would have found out anyway.
  • If in doubt, just nuke it. That’s a solution being tossed forward by an apparent expert for stopping the oil spill in the gulf. I’ll have my shrimp with a side order of radiation, please. I always thought “Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.” was just a movie quote. Clearly, I don’t get out much.
  • Ways not to impress the Afghanistan president, number 54761: call him a weirdo and predict he could trigger a civil war. Yes, even if he did say, supposedly jokingly, he might as well join the dark side. Yes, even if he’s not doing a whole lot better in charge of that country than the dark side. And yes, even if you are–as I think you would be–absolutely and completely 100% in the right. That’s just not cool–especially if you used to work in that country for the UN.
  • When even actors are downloading their own movies because it’s more convenient and less annoying than paying for them, you know there’s a problem. Question is, what’s the industry planning to do about it? Answer: probably not much–that would actually require effort.
  • And, in the political arena, because I can’t go on a mocking spree without it, we have this wonderful piece of I’m not sure what. Liberal party of Canada leader Michael Ignatieff would just like you to know that, if you didn’t spend all that much time outside of Canada and living as varied a life as he has, you’re not as Canadian as he is. Might I ask, exactly from what planet was he exiled before landing in Ottawa? I didn’t know spending 30+ years in the US and/or the UK–he did both–made anyone more Canadian than the next. Boy have I been set straight.
  • And in unrelated news, Montreal won tonight. I thought I told folks to fix the playoffs. They’re still broken.

See what happens when I stay away from news sources? People don’t get mocked. Clearly, we can’t have that.

Why IE 8 is crap, in list format.

Because the few major problems it has need no explanation, have an increasingly rare list format rant. The target? That thing Microsoft would like to call an improved browser.

  • The browser crashes more in one day than Windows ME ever did in a week. I’d know–I’ve used both.
  • Websites I can access just fine in IE 7, or in firefox, break IE 8. Badly.
  • IE 8’s ability to restore tabs on a crash? Absolutely useless–it fails more than it succeeds, leading me to need to fight with it to get back to where I was and pray it doesn’t crash again anyway.
  • Its “fast search” functionality? Yeah, crashes at least once per restart. Fail.
  • It really makes me wish my parents’ computer, which is currently running IE 8–I’m fixing that the next time I’m over there, wouldn’t threaten to fall over every time I want to install something new. I’d be going Firefox in a real hurry over there if it didn’t.

Yes, IE 8 is on my parents’ computer. I have no idea who put it there–this one’s at least running 7, and it’s actually more stable. When next I have a couple hours, IE 8 is going to find itself taken out back, sat in the middle of the lawn, and shot. Call it a mercy killing–my mercy. There are rumours IE 9’s around the corner. I hope to God it handles itself better than 8. For its own sake.

I’m thinking of declaring yesterday “Obvious News Day”.

And, because you can probably figure out why on your own without elabouration, list format. Because it’s good.

  • Sarah Palin joins up with Fox News? Who didn’t see that one coming from a mile away? Really.
  • Simon Cowell to say goodbye after this season of Idol? I’m surprised he lasted this long. And considering there’s already tension between him and Paula’s new, non-musically inclined replacement, come on. You didn’t miss this did you?
  • One child per family is going to end up being bad news for China, but who didn’t figure on that. By 2020, they’re projecting 24000000 single men. I wonder if Canada and the US would consider a woman shortage criteria for refugee status.
  • And, the well duh award of 2010 goes to? Mark McGwire bulked up with the help of steroids during his record breaking year. And finally admits it. Not that the admission was required–he hasn’t come close to being that good since, and if he was naturally that good he’d of managed to pull it off. Nope, no surprises here.

If stuff gets any more obvious it’s probably going to put news reporters out of business. Which some would argue might not be a bad thing. Oh well, at least we’re not hearing about Stephen Harper and the non-parliament again. I’ll take it.

2009, in review.

It’s been a relatively quiet year, all things considering, with the majority of the excitement coming in the last few months. In fact, so little has happened that I do believe I’ll pull out one of my rare list format entries. So, without further delay, my year, in a nutshell.

  • Nothing professionally to speak of, save for a few interviews that didn’t actually lead anywhere
  • Spent plenty of time on both sides of the border with Jessica, getting even closer to her than we were already
  • Got to watch my cousin Stephen get married, the third in this bracket of our family to do so
  • Had to return to disability against my will after unemployment insurance ran out, what with the nonexistent professional life at the moment as mentioned above
  • Moved back to the Petawawa/Pembroke area as a result of having lost said unemployment insurance
  • And, in and around all of this, became an uncle to a potential future quarterback

All in all, a few bumps and scrapes but an otherwise fairly average, bordering on dull, year. I’d like to say I hope 2010 turns out the same way, but really, I like a little more excitement than that. And I wouldn’t say no to a job. But, that was 2009. One of these days I’ll actually come up with a resolution for the next year. But it won’t be today.

Things that make you go “Hmm”, the Canadian edition.

Being outside of Canada for a month, and used to the American way of doing things, these just hit me as true facts–mostly because I think I’ve done most of them since I’ve been back. And, because they probably need no elabouration, you get them in list format. Enjoy.

  • Regardless where you are, or for how long you’re there, the return trip–and, optionally, the trip there–almost always includes a stop for coffee.
  • The said coffee stop, almost every time, is at your local neighbourhood Tim Hortons–of which every community has at least one.
  • It’s not a complete day until, whether you’re home or not, you’ve checked on the score for your local hockey team.
  • A sudden change from virtually snow free to pretty well drowning in snow provokes little more than a thought of “Yep, it’s Christmas.”.
  • The said sudden change in snow, instead of making you consider that maybe your hat and gloves shouldn’t have stayed in your suitcase, makes you contemplate how best to introduce the nearest person to you to the nearest snowbank to you.
  • If not a snowbank, the idea of a snowball fight comes as both a very appealing prospect and, to most, a very natural one.
  • A visit with relatives isn’t a visit with relatives until at least 1 of you has at least 1 beer.
  • Similarly, beer is not beer if it’s watered down. Canadians don’t drink that other crap.
  • Perhaps the most puzzling but not the most surprising of the observations. We don’t usually make them about ourselves. Who would like this post in their name?

On my fascination with lists.

I have no idea why, but sometimes, just for random amusement or because I’m way too lazy to do much of anything else, the best way I find to get my point(s) across on here is in list format. I actually started it while I was still using LJ–and, in fact, probably picked it up from Michelle–as a way of writing things down that I either don’t want to, or don’t plan to right now, go into further detail on. Probably also explains why I’m starting to get back into Twitter at about the same time I considered getting back into blogging. I’m probably just as likely to release a brief blurb about something as I am to go into elaborate detail about it, so they kind of fit rather well together, I think. What I’m likely to go into list format about–in list format:

  • Random, possibly unrelated points with little to no explanation behind them
  • Thoughts of the day, as they happen and as I remember to write them
  • To do lists–I occasionally make those
  • Recaps of possibly related posts, where appropriate
  • Ideas for a project that I haven’t fully fleshed out yet
  • Entries not unlike this one

Of course, there’s just a lot of things that make it to Twitter that don’t really need any further explanation–or, for that matter, belong on a blog. Or if they do, they belong there after events have happened that actually give them context. That’s also why my Twitter feed’s in the sidebar, and why you can follow it here. I may also make 2 or 3 obscure mentions of something, either on Twitter or on the blog, that don’t get expanded upon for a couple days. That’s generally what happens when I get particularly lazy. And, possibly, it may be a semi-good reason to not be so quick to switch to bullet points/list format/whatever you want to call it. But, it’s worked for me. If it ever stops working for me, then I’ll think about changing my ways. If it doesn’t take too much effort–see the lazyness claim above.

Things I learned that manage to surprise me.

In list format, because lazy is me.

  • Microsoft can, in fact, make a program that doesn’t die horribly when you try to add something extra to it. They just don’t do it very often.
  • Clearly, some people’s definition of accessibility is far different from mine. This is why we have issues, folks.
  • I have incredible patience for technology that doesn’t want to cooperate.
  • I have no patience for people who don’t want to cooperate.
  • even greyhound.ca works sometimes. Now hopefully it’ll work when I want to actually buy the ticket.
  • Even when I have plenty of energy, list format is still for the win.
  • PS: Job market, I still hate you.

Update in list format, because… because.

  • Oh, oh god. Busy. Ug.
  • Got up at like 7:00 or 7:15, threw myself together and called it a work morning. Shouldn’t of done that. Bed is good.
  • I have less than a minute of break left. more substance later.
  • Oh, yeah. Greyhound sucks sometimes.

Randomness ‘n such.

In list format, because… eh. Because.

  • I can has burger. Free lunch is made of awesome. Free lunch that doesn’t involve having to go anywhere? Equally made of awesome.
  • … I also subsequently just so happened to have a second lunch, that I now call my afternoon snack. Forgetting your company’s holding a bbq is awesome.
  • I can’t hear squat outside from here. But apparently, we are getting that rain. Possibly even a thunderstorm. ‘Bout goddamn time.
  • Today is apparently another day of stupid calls. Note to customers: if you’re calling in to milk free repair work, you may want to keep your story straight. Moron. of. the. year.
  • Can I go home yet?

A real quick update, in list format.

Because I’ve got a grand total of 10 minutes.

  • It may just be me, and the fact my tolerence for pain of various types being insanely high, but the suicide wings from Local Heroes didn’t really have a whole lot to them. Not that the people from work I went with would agree with me.
  • I’ve discovered why it is my two microphones don’t like this computer. There’s an issue somewhere between sound card and OS. I suspect strongly the sound card is to blame. Dell will be receiving a phone call.
  • Dell *did* receive a phone call earlier, but now Bell Canada has graduated from randomly kicking me off the internets to apparently randomly disconnecting me during phone calls, and not allowing me to call out for extended periods. And since I only had half an hour to twist a technician’s arm into replacing my sound card, I shall have to take another crack at it tonight. Technology sucks.
  • It’s the middle of freaking May. And we’re getting a potential frost warning. I see a problem here. Do you?

And now, I go to work. This batch of randomness brought to you by too goddamn early.

My week so far, in list format.

Because I’m lazy as hell. Well, and there’s not all that much here; it’s only wednesday. Gimme a break.

  • Monday was pretty much hell on earth so far as work went. First time in like a month we were actually busy to the insane.
  • Didn’t get a whole lot of applying for jobs done. I’d actually have to have a second to breathe first.
  • Poked around a little after I got home, but there was nothing that caught my interest anyway. So applications still didn’t get filed.
  • It wasn’t quite so busy yesterday. Back to what it’s been for the last bit… so I actually had time to get caught up on things I couldn’t do Monday.
  • Came home, watched a bit of TV, fell into bed.
  • Tried to delay waking up, cursed the invention of the work week, and am now being lazy as hell writing an entry in list format.

I lead such an interesting little life, don’t I?

Oh, and random PS: A coworker introduced me to Ikariam, a kinda medieval strategy game of sorts. I don’t usually bother with games like this, but it killed time while at work yesterday so eh. There’s a fair amount of waiting for things to complete involved, but then… some would say it’s kinda like trying to get a hold of me. I take that as a complement, thankyaverymuch. And now, because sadly the work week isn’t about to pack up and go away just because I’m asking it nicely to do so, I go throw something together for lunch. And then drag my ass ’til 6:30. Anyone want a tech support job for a month? It pays well…

Random thought happenings, in list format.

  • Still way too damn cold for this time of year out there. Winter go die in a fire.
  • Tried getting a hold of the tax people this morning. It was busy. Go figure. I shall have to harass them throughout the day.
  • Someone on my flist was surprised I actually have an opinion on, like, *everything*. They, obviously, don’t read my randomness. Their loss.
  • Note to people driving the 160 into Kanada. If you ever get *that* close to me again, you had better be female. And sexy. That one will not be elabourated on. Cope.
  • I forgot how tedius applying for jobs actually is. I think I’m gonna start seeing coming to work as a break from looking for work.

And a little something not list-worthy but still worthy of mention. I’ve given serious thought, as in nearly filled out the application, to just hooking up with a temp agency and seeing what they can find for me starting, say, July-ish. I’ve gotten a couple different recommendations for if I wanted to go that route, a few of them from murlynns_view, and figure y’know, since I’ve got as much a chance through them as applying direct to companies, it’s worth some consideration. And so, I consider. Opinions are welcome. Hell, I can’t be the only person with a thing or 3 to say.

A haphazard update. Awake is not I.

In list format, because this quite literally has no real content whatsoever. And because it doesn’t require so much thought.

  • Doing your taxes for the first time sucks, royally. Not so much because it’s not easy to do (mine, at least, border on being way too bloody simple), but because you have absolutely no idea how much paperwork’s involved ’til you actually sit down to do it. I finally got at it today (Uh, yesterday?), and I was *still* missing paperwork. Which required phone calls.
  • Getting used to the new shift effective on monday. Bleh. On the one hand, Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30 *was* what I was after since, like, forever ago. But on the other… bleh. Not gonna be fun after working the shift I was just on. But at least I get evenings again! And still have weekends!
  • The mother thing warned me last night she’d be dropping by at some point this morning. And me without the money to pay to have the place white washed. She’ll just have to settle for having it disinfected.
  • I’ve been dinking around with Last.fm the last couple days, mostly out of boredom. And getting nowhere. Their plugin for Winamp doesn’t play nice… I hope it’s just because I’m still downloading crap in the background and not because it’s busted. I’m half inclined to think it’s the latter, though.
  • I change ISP’s in 2 days. I officially cancel this account in 15. Hell. Yes.
  • I should not be awake at this hour. Somebody should be entertaining me. Or I should be going back to bed. Eh, since I’m up anyway might as well see how much cleaning I can miraculously pull off (see above bullets for why). Whether I will or not though? Ask me in the morning.