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I still exist. And surprise surprise, nothing’s busted this time. I’ve been most of the time playing catch-up with the stuff everyone else has written, not to mention helping Shane out when he decided to up and nuke himself. Yeah, classy. In and around that, I’ve actually managed to find a tiny little handful of jobs to apply to–including one from a company I’d escentially given up on. After the departure of the fiance, that’s been pretty much it–yeah, exciting stuff, no? I’m getting back into the usual routine, though, which means–yes, you guessed it–mockery, snark, general harassment, and oh yeah, the popular posts for June and July that never actually got done. Plus, my official, final review, of a former web host. Until then, I leave you with these few short, barely twitter-worthy (so they wind up over here, instead) thoughts.

  • I live in Ottawa. Why for am I reminded of Toronto, then, what with emergency vehicles passing by here every half hour?
  • Listening to an online scanner, one should not be able to pick up pieces of live music in the background while the person using the radio’s attempting to talk–or rather, yell–over it.
  • Related: Said background music and the fact I can actually pick it out should not amuse me.
  • One of us gets stressed, somebody sends us Mcdonalds money. Drama doesn’t have to suck completely.
  • And lastly, is it wrong of me to sit here and listen to the afore mentioned online scanner, wondering if someone’s going to get a call to this address or one near it? Anyone?
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2 responses to “State of the geek.”

  1. Well come on now, as far as the music in the background goes, they’re all either on foot, on golf-carts with med-beds or atv’s on the concert grounds with around 40,000 people. It’s not like they can hop in the medic unit to get on the radio to talk to dispatch. It’s just like a hockey game or canada day or whatever, no trucks are actually inside the grounds, they’re all mobile, talking to a command post in one of the tents and if a transport unit is needed they call one to the main gate. Although it is quite amusing to pick out songs behind the medics every time they key up the radio.
    And as far as emergency units going up and down baseline quite frequently, that’s what happens when you live right near a route on which a hospital is located and when their is a fire station a block or so from your place. Remember, ofs are first responders on all medicals from a broken leg to a vsa person…so in a city with an aging population, that will happen quite frequently.

    • Oh, I’m well aware. That doesn’t make it any less amusing, though. Particularly when you don’t typically see that many emergency vehicles blow by here on a typical day, few blocks from a hospital/fire station or not. Today, for instance, been pretty much dead up in here so far.

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