What a horrible fan am I.

I promised I’d blog more about my hockey team, then promptly fell off the wagon for all of 2 games. I should really make up for that–for the record, they were games in which we both got crushed and did the crushing, so at least I’m missing games on both sides of the equasion. O’course, I’d of probably remembered to write about the thing if I were at home for ’em. Sometimes, I wonder why I ended up working nights. But then, that only lasts long enough for me to catch the morning bus home, at which point I clue in–oh yeah, getting off at 12:30 when the last bus shows up at 12 pisses me off. A moron sometimes, I am. It’s what gives me the right to call other people morons. Which anyone who knows me will know I do frequently–and usually with good reason. Just… not necessarily a good reason which I’ll admit to. Unless asked. Then all bets are off. Speaking of off… I should be off sleeping. Or something. Other than rambling senselessly. But I’m *good* at rambling senselessly. I have to work tonight–dammit to hell. Sleep wins. At least ’til 2. This random collection of what in creation’s inside my head brought to you by way too many calls taken in one night. If I got paid by the call, I could retire in 6 months.

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