Happy Canadia day!

Yes, I’ve been busy as hell. Such is the norm when it gets to be, well… any time between about mid-April to about mid-September. Perhaps mid-October if I have a reason to watch the world series. But the reason I’ve been off the blog wagon lately? I spent the week in Pembroke. Yes, I’ve lost my mind. It actually wasn’t that bad, though–got some niftyness things for my birthday, took mom out for her birthday, discovered a new baseball sim which I currently find myself surprisingly adicted to already (I have 5 teams at the moment), and… just generally had all manner of good times. And when good times are had, good things happen. In this case, the good thing is I didn’t shoot my sister-in-law. Wanted to. Really, seriously thought about it. Wished I owned a gun. But didn’t. I’m proud of me. And then–back home for me. Where I proceeded to spend all night dinking around on the afore mentioned baseball game, and set up my own league–I was bored and didn’t wanna sleep. Sue me. It’s really gonna hurt when it’s all said and done. But damn, I’ll have fun doing it.
And speaking of fun… oh, the plans that are being had for today. Put it this way–I’m leaving here in about an hour at the earliest, and I don’t expect to see this place for more than an hour until after tonight’s fireworks. And oh, there will be fireworks. There will be loads of fireworks. Which… is actually why I came back. Nothing against Pembroke’s display or anything, but–enough’s enough already. It doesn’t get any better. Time for a different location… a little closer to home. Parliament buildings with cousins it is. If I post again today, it’ll be in tomorrow morning’s wee hours. But it’ll be awesomely fun, and such. And… I’ve been rambling somewhat pointlessly now for about 10 minutes. Time to go do stuff.

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