I will never be happy with the organizational structure of my website.

This is evidenced by the fact that, in the span of… oh… maybe the last month, I have reorganized the layout, directory structure, and whatnot at least twice. Quite possibly 3 times. I knew I was picky, but man oh man oh man am I picky. Ah well. Maybe this time it’ll stay the way I have it set up. Wouldn’t hold your breath, of course, but you know…
And, in somewhat more related news (okay, not really), I talked to Cheryl earlier, the friend of mine I was planning to go to the highschool reunion i ranted about at least once. First time I actually had a conversation at length with her in at least a year, as pathetic as that sounds. And, can’t very well talk to her in person because, as I’ve already bitched about, I’m poor as all hell. And unemployed. And cheap. But seeing her would be worth me overcoming my cheapness. I’m still poor and unemployed, though. So now I get to give her shit ’til she decides to get her cute ass up here instead. Yay powers of persuasion! I hope.

Enough with the damned ads already!

Holy ads! Might not be bad for people who can see, but for users of Freedom Scientific‘s JAWS for Windows screenreader, suddenly adds so carelessly placed about a page become, uh, rather irritating. If I wasn’t quite so bored I probably wouldn’t have waded through the ads just to find the actual content. IMO, and this is probably something I’ll bitch about in future, too, there is a place for ads. That place is at the bottom of the page, *after* any relevant content. Not mied somewhere between information, and links to relative information, where it takes people like me 10 minutes to determine decent content from moneymaking crapola. I love google ads, really I do–I’ve threatened to put them on this site a time or two. But out of the way! People hurt my head…

Stupid anti-disability employers and pesimistic brothers = bad combination.

So, we have Online Support, which is in effect attempting its best effort at a delay tactic when it comes to considering hiring me, and we have a pesimistic brother who doesn’t know a damn thing about what he’s talking about when it comes to me, employment, and half the crap I do. Yet, because he knows everything, his response to why it is I can’t find work is so blatantly obvious I don’t know why I get it. “They won’t hire you because you can’t do the work.” Hmmm. Guess he should have attributed that statement to himself. And I can post about it freely here because even if he did happen to read it, I wouldn’t give two flying fucks. Why? Well, it’s simple.

  1. He’s gone through more jobs in the last 4 years than most people go through in 10.
  2. He’s either been fired, or quit before he could get fired, for being a lazy prick who doesn’t do his job worth a crap and then calls in sick when it’s convenient.
  3. Before his probation period was over at his last job, ironicly enough with OLS, he was written up, warned, threatened to be fired for being a jackass with customers, and the people he works with.
  4. He thinks it’s fun to tell his supervisors, frequently, to fuck off. Then he wonders why he ends up in shit.

Yep, I can see it now. I can’t work there, yet I’d end up lasting longer than he does. Assuming, of course, I can get them to look at me. I love your logic sometimes… it’s so easy to tear to pieces.

Take that, Shadow Siege!

Well, 3 years later and it looks like Shadow Siege is the one going downhill. This after, almost 3 years ago to the day, its co-owners were pretty much swearing up and down it would be Eternal Struggle that would fall apart once they left. There’s something satisfying about hearing that, not only have most of the people that followed the mass exitus away from ES when SS was originally created, but also most of the newer players have gotten fed up with the bullshit and left. So much for a RP friendly atmosphere, eh Mina?

Shadow Siege is a specialised type of mud in that it is roleplay enforced. This means that the focus is not to go out and kill anything that moves, but
rather to put up with the staff trying to direct RP in exactly the manner they want it to proceed, and kill off those characters that attempt to stray away from our neat little script, while giving all sorts of IC perks to the people we happen to be friends with OOCly.

There. Now it looks the way it’s supposed to.

Well, I can go, but…

To do so, it’s going to cost me probably around $192.30 for a round trip bus ticket. So, the reunion gets temporarily sidelined until I can invent me some
more money. But, I’m at least on the guest list, so that counts for something. Ah well. On the bright side, it means I get to sit on my ass for another
weekend. Lazy is such awesome goodness. And now, I go do crap before I RP. Yay doing crap.

Why do I let him near a computer?

Okay, for like the third day in a row, now, my brother is making a rather pathetic attempt at “fixing” the family computer in the next room. Which, in effect, translates to me more than likely having to go in there once he goes to work, and unfix the damn thing so it actually works. I keep forgetting just how computer illiterate most if not all my family is… but he has this nasty talent of reminding me. Ah well, it ain’t my mess… he wants to break it he can pay to have the thing fixed. This is why my laptop is password protected. Well, that, and because I’m a cruel little man but you know…

So this is what they do with closed down schools…

So apparently, a school that was closed down last year in town here is possibly being sold to the city, to be used as a kind of central building for city hall, the police department, fire department, and library. I guess budget cutbacks are starting to become less of an issue, because they’re contemplating selling the school in question for $1. Yay for cheaply sold crappy construction. I wanna move to Ottawa…

Well, that was worth conversation…

So we ended up going to my grandma’s today, doing that whole mother’s day thing, and the conversation of the hour turns out to be anything from sugar free chocolate to whether or not my brother will still be working in a month or so. I mean, usually I could care less what’s being talked about, but… eh. Small town life has its perks, I guess. Where else is other people’s business the topic of discussion for the day? Okay, I’m done.

Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to breed…

So apparently heavy metal music is to be credited for saving some 20-year-old’s life after he was hit by a train. What he was even doing on the tracks is anyone’s guess but no one ever said these people were very bright–hell, they listen to heavy metal. He made the news, so I guess it wasn’t a complete and total uselessly stupid act. Was probably what he was aiming for anyway. When interviewed, his basic reaction to it was “Dood. I was just hit by a train.” Uh. Dood. You’re a fucking idiot.

I think I’ll save my money.

Well, so much for that idea. I’d planned to maybe kinda sorta possibly take in a movie, specificly Lucky Number Sleven, but I don’t think so. A couple reviews caught my eye, particularly this one, and well… I’ll keep my ticket money in my wallet, this time. Shouldn’t be surprised I suppose; it’s a Bruce Willis movie. *gags* No plot, no point, just people knocking people around. Someone should really suggest he retire and get it over with. Aside from maybe two of his movies, he’s a disappointment.

Work experience necessary?

One of the job openings listed for a new office opening up about an hour from here for Teletech, a call center along similar lines as Online Support, pretty much insists you need 6 months work experience before they’ll even consider you. Which, I suppose, isn’t too bad. Except, of course, for the fact that without the work, you don’t get the experience. And, Online Support’s being all ditzy when it comes to hiring, so no experience for me. So, it’s back to looking and firing off applications and cursing the idiot who invented the job market. Or, at least, it’s back to the firing off of applications. The idiot who invented the job market can just burn in hell. Twice.

I don’t think I like this…

There is still calls for snow. It’s April. IT’s baseball season. And we’re still calling for snow. Cruel and unusual, that. But then, this is the same person who’d of loved to have been done with snow after about, oh… December 26th. How’d that go? *scoff* It’s all cool and everything at around Christmas time. So, from about the 23rd to the 26th of December. Any time before or after that, and all it does is irritate the hell out of me. Not an easy thing to do as certain individuals who probably read this are verry well aware of. Ah well. Sucky weather for baseball, but I haven’t abandoned my hockey yet. *misses the playoffs already*

Me versus the job market, round 9524…

Okay so it hasn’t been that big a battle. Feels like it some days. I fired off applications left, right and center. Have been doing that for… oh, I don’t even know exactly how long now… heh. Maybe a year or so. I’ve got a total of… hmm… *thinks* 2 callbacks, 1 interview, 0 hires. Job market 35, me
0. But I’ll nail that lyin’ cheatin’ thievin’ bastard job market right between the eyes, I will! … Or something. Insert catchy music full of doom and fear here. I would but I have none.

I have way too much fun…

… laughing at people who get so wrapped up in the idea of a game. And it wasn’t even a good game, either. Star Conquest, the original game written, owned and run by Squid Soft, is supposedly eventually coming back online sometime between now and the day hell freezes over. Yeah, I played the game occasionally… it killed a few hours when you’re in the mood for things tedius. But to listen to some people go off on their blog, you’d think the world was that much closer to coming to an end every time it turns out the game isn’t coming back up yet. God, I thought that was just a Diablo craze thing. Someone put these people out of my misery… I don’t wanna laugh at them anymore. Oh, never mind. Yes I do.

Out for breakfast = shopping… since when?

I still have yet to pin down exactly how it is going out for breakfast leads to this whole shopping thing. I mean, I have no problem with shopping… I needed to buy me some new clothes anyway, but it’s breakfast. And it’s shopping. One has nothing to do with the other. Yet we started with one and wound up doing the other. Just… no. I’d say cruel and unusual punnishment but then I’d have to remind myself about the possibility of spending an hour with my brother’s girlfriend. I’ll take the shopping.

If I were a college student, I’d cry…

Colleges around here have been on strike now for a week or so, and there’s not much leaning in the favour of a resolution any time relatively soon. Not quite so bad, unless you’re one of the students attending said colleges. Then, it becomes a matter of whether or not they’ll actually get to finnish their semester. Highschools going on strike are just plain irritating; you can at least make up for that in the summer, or next year in a pinch. Plus it’s free. Some of the college students effected will have to redo their whole year, likely. Others, their entire program. And that’s not quite so free. I was giving serious thought to going back to Algonquin College this year, or next. But if this is going to be a semi-regular occurance… well, enough said.

Small progress is progress still… right?

So, I finally got fed up and called the aforementioned place of potential future employment, just to see where it is I stand… since I hadn’t heard anything in 2 weeks and I was supposed to have heard back in a week. Still don’t know where I stand, but at least they didn’t tell me to go straight to hell. Nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I’m going there anyway. Not at all. I’m supposed to hear back from these people at some point this afternoon, so hopefully I wind up significantly less unemployed. Or, I suppose, I’ll settle for just being told I don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell. But I’d prefer the former. And so would my credit card.

Some melodrama with your roleplay?

Just once I’d like a roleplaying game without the politics. Yeah, it’s not a world-changing issue but I don’t care. I play, well used to play, 2 RPG’s, one of which has been shut down now for 4 months or so–I still play the other. Both games, however, are pretty much up in arms at the staff level about God only knows what. The one that’s shut down, though, has taken it to a whole new level of immature. Both sides, as indicated on this site, and as echoed on this one, have effectively said “We’re not bringing the game back online until they back off.” Hmmm… you’re not being payed for it, and it sure as hell isn’t unionised… so uh, grow up and let people play. Really… I know children who act less childish.

Why, oh why…

Okay, I know the disability support program is supposed to be here for the sake of people who, for whatever reason, can’t get hired so they can pay their bills and things still. But, one would think they’d have something in place to help these people find work so they can get *off* said disability support program. Apparently, no such luck. Not only do these people have absolutely nothing concrete they can bring up so far as that goes, but they just automatically assume organizations like the CNIB,
which is in fact an overpriced store disguised as a non-profit organization, actually give a damn. To these people, I only have one thing to say… government organizations hurt my frackin head!

Urge to pull someone’s hair out… rising…

Okay, so I decide to finally make an email address on this server serve as my primary one, because well, I’m insanely tired of sympatico. Logical choice, you’d think. And you’d be right… usually. But, the day I decide to do it is the day they break their servers. So, while I can send email from my primary address, I can’t receive email on my primary address. Kind of makes the whole idea of a primary address useless, don’t it though? They eventually got it
fixed… a whole 36 hours after they were supposed to. It’s a real good thing I’m not in business… that might verry well just piss me off. Oh, wait… it did.