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  • Days of gold, part 1: Christine Nesbitt.

    Nesbitt took gold for Canada’s 7th metal, and third gold, on Thursday in the 1000 meter speed skate.

  • Marianne St-Gellais wins Canada’s 6th metal.

    And it just so happens to be silver, won during the 500-meter speed skate. That gives us 2 gold, 3 silver, and a bronze. Not bad for a country who doesn’t know much beyond hockey.

  • Maelle Ricker wins gold in snowboard cross.

    Canada’s own, and from Vancouver even, wins Canada’s second gold and fifth metal in the games. Go Canada go!

  • Mike Robertson nets Canada another silver.

    This one in snowboard cross last night. I hear tell he had a shot at gold. I also hear tell Bilodeau shouldn’t have, so we shall see. Meantime, plus another metal for the host nation. Who’s complaining?

  • And on day 3, Canada is golden!

    Alexandre Bilodeau walks away from the mens’ moguls course with a gold metal, making him the first in Canadian history to ever win gold on home soil. Now can we please get that out of the headlines? That’d be awesome.

  • And one bronze makes two.

    Kristina Groves blew her way to a bronze in the 3000 meter speed skating run. Not even her specialty, and she managed the top 3. I believe they said her specialty was the 5000? I’m halfway tempted to watch that just to see if that’s finally our ticket to gold.… Read the rest

  • Canadian metal number 1 goes to Jen Heil, and it’s silver.

    Jennifer Heil, surprising everyone from commentators to fans, comes up with a silver metal in womens’ moguls. She was expected to be the first ever to win gold on Canadian soil, but we’ll take this just as well. She finds herself sandwitched in between two Americans, with a second Canadian … Read the rest

  • Canada 18, Slovakia 0.


    Canada’s womens’ team might not have been playing a metal game, but it was almost as exciting. For a few reasons. This was the first time in olympic history Slovakia had a womens’ hockey team in the tournament–a surprising fact I wasn’t aware of, particularly given how well their mens’ … Read the rest

  • A little bit of everything, and the cerimonies had it.

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    If it could remotely be called Canadian, it was shown off in tonight’s opening festivities. Right down to the problematic hydraulic system, which I sort of halfway joked about having been designed by Toyota. They got all manner of historical on us, hitting on not only Canada’s aboriginal history but … Read the rest

  • Go Canada go!


    In less than half an hour, indeed in les than 20 minutes, the opening cerimonies for the Vancouver 2010 winter olympics will be underway. Granted, I’m not an overly huge fan of, say, speed skating. Or down hill skiing–even though I used to do it, just not pro. But I … Read the rest

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