Mike makes the news for simply doing what he loves.

I’ve been following Toronto Mike since probably early-ish in 2007, when I randomly stumbled on one of his many articles relating to our mutually admired and at the same time hated hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. I was cruising Technoradi–yes, that was back when it was actually good–and his just happened to be one […]

When your network takes a crap, and takes your email with it.

At some point during the night last night, and rather inconveniently after Jessica and I had run off to bed and so I couldn’t immediately determine that it was a network issue, this blog, a rarely updated–and, in fact, rather neglected for a couple weeks–political blog, and our email among other things, decided to take […]

Reviving an old blog, and reincarnating an older one.

After a little over 4 months not maintaining a personal blog, I decided to get back into it again. And, while Live Journal served its purposes when I eventually moved away from Movable Type, I kind of liked being able to actually know what’s happening insofar as the blog was concerned. I could have–okay, so […]