Michael Ignatieff should really not be this amusing to mock.

Ah, Canada’s newest leader of the liberal party. always good for a rousing speech. A well-placed pep-talk to the masses. A tiny bit of amusement. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t aiming at that with this last appearance. For a little context, the below video is of a speech he gave to a group of his supporters this past week. Readers of the RSS/LiveJournal variety may or may not need to click over to the actual site to see it–sorry.

I’m not entirely sure if he was intending to channel Springsteen in that speech or if the reference to him was just coincidental, but well, er, it kind of fell over either way. So the folks over at Newstalk1010 in Toronto thought it might be fun to give him a hand with it. They put together a clip of his speech, with “Rise Up” by the Parachute Club as the background. Kind of puts the video above in a different light. I got my hands on the audio of that clip, which will join the video of Ignatieff’s speech–you’ll find that below. Again, readers of the LJ/RSS variety may or may not need to click over to the actual site to listen.

I’m told they didn’t need to make any adjustments whatsoever to Ignatieff’s timing or the music to make this fit. Coincidence? You be the judge. Amusing either way. Now to figure out if he’s trying to be a politician or a revolutionary.

H/T: the National Post’s Full Comment section.

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