My favourite team sucks. Yes, I know.

I’ve fallen deathly in love with a team seemingly incapable of actually producing consistent victories. I acknowledge this almost daily. And yet, on hockey night, almost without exception, anyone who knows me knows exactly where to find me. I’ve been called sadistic, desperate, and just plain foolish–all of which are probably true. But, I’m a Leafs fan. And for at least 5 years, my favourite team sucks. Once again, I’ll acknowledge it. Once again, I’ll curse at it. And once again, on game night, I’ll be plunked down in front of the TV with something caffinated. They’re my team. And right now, my team sucks. Have a sad, but true, video related to this post. Yes, it’s a pro-Ottawa video. But realisticly, barring amiracle, they might just finish ahead of us in the standings–yet again, so it applies. Besides, it’s the only “Leafs suck” video I could come across. Readers of the RSS variety, and potentially those of you reading on LJ, may have to click over to the actual site to see the video. Sorry.

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  1. Steve says:

    I think that being sadistic, desperate, and just plain a fool are requirements to be a Toronto sports fan. None of our teams ever win anything. I think the most recent was the Argos and even that’s been a few years. But for some reason I’m like you. I’m still watching and I can’t ever completely lose hope.

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