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Why I so should not be awake at 4:30 in the morning.

So someone on my flist escentially dared people in general to call her voicemail. Now, this is me we’re talking about. I have free long distance to the US. You leave a phone number in an entry I have access to, followed closely by the words “I dare you.”. 3 guesses on the end result of said dare, and your first 2 don’t count. Almadefortitude is exempt from guessing, ‘cuz she made the same mistake with me. 😀


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  1. chickwith_stick says:

    What did ya think?

    • If you lived closer than you do, I’d have serious concerns about you standing outside my front door naked right about now.

      • Meow.

        BTW that message was fucking creepy. I wouldn’t have figured out it was you until I’d read this, though. I thought it was my brother’s friend Spencer, which makes no sense whatsoever because he doesn’t have my number. Dear lord.

  2. I was halfway tempted to do the same, but meh, too lazy.
    And, you left a creeppy message, what did you do? Don’t creep her out too much, mkay?

      • Yes, but that’s why you love me, isn’t it?
        Um, did you book vacation time for the reunion yet? if so I’ve got an email you might wanna read, unless you’re on the alumni list, I can’t remember.
        Dude, they’re doing wrms idol. this is gonna be so cool. now, what do I sing? Decisions, decisions.

        • Remind me again which weekend in June this is? I may not be able to get the time off, or I may have the time off already (see: current employment situation).

          • This is the 20th of june to the 22nd.
            Are you on the alumni list? If not and you’re able to go, I’ve got an email I should forward you.

            • Ooh. No, sadly, going is so not an option for me. Dangerously close to the time when this building closes and I can has no vacation times.

              • oh man, nooo. This sucks huge chunkage.
                ah well, you can help me decide how to kick ass at idle, there’s prizes for the best act.
                Plus, I intend to record it, sooo.

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