Crazy thoughtness and such.

Partially stolen from an entry sheyrena posted forever ago, but oh well. Just means she’s brilliant. I’m tossing around the idea of going randomly through my flist and pointing out people who should really get to know one another. Just because I honestly think some of those combinations would be fucking hillarious. Mind you, there are those I’d want to leave the continent before introducing but methinks that just goes with the territory. And since I share half my flist with some of you lot anyway it won’t even take all that much effort on my part. Which makes the lazy part of me (it’s a *huge* part, just ask clefurgey) go yay! Yeah, I think starting this weekend at some point barring complete and total forgetfulness on my part, I just may do that. Now watch me forget to.


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  1. Cool. Getting to know new people is a good thing. I’ve recently added people to my f list from communities I’m on, so there would be some new people for any of you to meet too.

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