Let’s just all be 6 for a minute.

First off, because there will probably be at least one person asking why it is I’m posting about this, I’ll just say right now, I’m doing it because that’s what one does when they have access to a medium with which to do so. Names of the offending parties will be removed, to protect the guilty. Because contrary to the opinion of a small minority, I can occasionally be a nice guy. Somewhat.

Jess (samari76) and I haven’t particularly cared a whole lot for a particular person she has the misfortune of working with since events, that have already been gone over either generally or specificly on her LJ, transpired a few months ago. Things were said, and whether they were meant in the spirit in which they were taken or not, they were things you just don’t say to/about someone you’re supposed to be friends with. This of course after said person pretty much invented a conversation between myself and them that never happened, and proceeded to fill Jess in on only the vaguest details as to what it was about before going into some explanation about why they couldn’t go into specifics right then and there. Said person hadn’t so much as tried to talk to either of us since then, until yesterday, when I received an email from them. The general point of that email pretty much consisted of “Tell Jess not to write about me in her LJ anymore.”. Apparently, as we were to learn later, the supposedly unwanted entry was written a couple weeks ago, and friends locked, which kind of limits the people who had access to read it pretty significantly right there; this person isn’t on LJ, never mind her flist, so they’re automaticly ruled out.

I responded to the email this morning, letting them know in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t about to tell her what it was she could and could not write in her own LJ. It *was*, after all, her LJ and I’m really not into the whole sensorship thing. Sorry. They wrote me back, because clearly I didn’t understand them the first time and how dare she write about them on her LJ when they’re not *on* LJ and have given her no reason to do so. So again, I responded, telling them exactly the same thing; it’s *her* LJ, with *her* opinions on things that matter to or have quite irritated her. And neither myself, nor anyone else, is about to tell her, or anyone else, they’re not supposed/allowed to write about such things in their own personal space. That *is*, after all, why we have our own personal space, y/n? I also added in this reply that if they didn’t like what was being written about them, perhaps they aught to 1: stop doing whatever is prompting the entry in question, and 2: keep their and their friends’ noses out of her/our LJ’s.

I guess they thought third time’s a charm, because they again responded, trying to play the “you don’t understand” game. So again I restated my point, then told them to either deal with it, or whine to someone who cared. Because at that point, well… actually… long before that point, I seem to have forgotten how. All they said in their last reply to me was, “You’re right.”. And that was pretty much that.

The conversation in and of itself wasn’t the problem, though. Actually, to be fair, the conversation didn’t bother me at all. That was just this person’s typical behaviour whenever they discovered we weren’t going to be playing by their rules. The thing that irritated me to no end, though? Someone, and there are definite suspicions as to who, decided to share said entry with their significant other. Said significant other happens to be close friends with the person about whom the entry was written. So, the entry in question, or at least the general point behind said entry, ended up leaving the LJ flist, and showing up at Jess’s place of work. The emphasis here, of course, is that this was *not* an entry that could have been accessed by just anyone at random. Someone decided to stick their nose in where it had no business being, just for the sake of trying very hard to stir the pot. And that, more than anything else, pisses me off to the third degree. If you’re so bored that you can find some form of amusement in playing the part of the gossip girl, you are in desperate need of either a hobby or a job. Or both, if it’ll help. And sorry, but being a proverbial pain in my ass does not constitute the makings of either. People need to seriously start acting their age, knock it off with the highschool bullshit, or crawl themselves into the nearest hole so the rest of the world can go on headache free. You can join the rest of the adults when you decide you can act like one.


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    • Oh, I know exactly who it was. They conviniently made a new journal, and we had no idea who they were at first. We both kind of fell right into that trap. It’s someone we had problems with in the past who is dating this individual’s best friend. She’s still mad at us, so instead of leaving us alone or trying to make up with us, she’s jsut stirring the perverbial pot.

  1. And if someone’s gonna explicitly say they’re done with us and promptly delete their LJ, they really aughta just stay done with us rather than sticking their nose where it isn’t needed, wanted, or welcome. Just sayin’.

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