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For those of you curious about my unwillingness to join LJ Idol.

Or, if you’d prefer, why it is I’ve developed an alergy to drama. Someone who used to be on this here friends page decided earlier this evening she’d like to relapse into her teenage years, and go on a wining spree over how she traumatized herself over writing an entry for LJ Idol, and how clearly the majority of the friends on her list are uncaring and have no loyalty to her whatsoever because she hardly received any votes for it over the weekend and is now on the verge of being eliminated. Now, firstly and foremost, if it’s going to be traumatizing/upsetting/distressing to you, why in the hell would you write it for, of all things, a silly internet competition on a blogging site that really only comes down to how large your friends list is and how many of them you can beg for votes? And secondly, why in the hell would you go on a ranting rampage over said friends list when they heaven forbid don’t actually vote for your entry? Well, she did so. And, when I posted this comment explaining my position on this year’s LJ Idol, I thought that would be the end of it.

Don’t feel bad. I haven’t been following idol this year, so no one’s got my vote. And since only two of Idol’s contestants right at the moment are on my flist, I figured it wasn’t entirely fair.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I thought that was a fairly empartial response, not really slanted in any particular direction save to pretty much say I haven’t been voting in LJ Idol all year and didn’t plan to start now. Apparently, she decided she didn’t see it that way.

Sorry to say that doesn’t make me feel any better. What that says to me is that you don’t care about something that is important to me. Don’t care to read my entries or vote for them. So no, it doesn’t make me feel any better.

So now, this person who has never and probably won’t ever be voting/participating in LJ Idol is expected to vote for this girl’s entry because… why, exactly? It’s what caring people do? Well, if my refusal to join in something I don’t see the point in means I’m among the uncaring and cold hearted masses, well then I guess that’d be who I am. Of course, it’s probably slightly more likely she could use to get over herself like nobody’s business. And, shortly after reading her comment in response to me, I get the LJ email saying in conclusion of her bout of immaturity, she has gone on to remove me from her friends list. I probably should have a response to that, but apparently, I don’t care. dear drama chicky, please to be getting over yourself. Kthxbye.


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  1. Lollll. Yeah as of last week the timer on the drama pressure cooker that is LJ Idol apparently went off. There’s been several different reported dramaplosions of various size throughout the week. And people have gone from asking their friends lists once to two or three times. If I don’t stir the pot a second time myself tomorrow it looks like I’ll probably be out .. and maybe its ’bout that time.

    But one thing I don’t do is stress about it, and I kind of laugh at everyone who does. Like you say, its a writing competition on the internet where the predominant factor is ability to herd friends list into polls.

    • I’ve been following it off and on since last year at some point, and yeah, it pretty much never fails. This was just enough to make me say huh?

      • Yeah its silly. I think the key is just not to take it seriously. When I first got involved in LJ Idol I thought to myself that my mum would enjoy it, since she has an lj and writes in teh style most idolists do — well composed personal stories. But then I started hearing about all the drama and didn’t want to put my mother in a situation where she’s gonna be dragged into that kind of stupid shit.

  2. Huh… I’ve never even HEARD of this thing till you mentioned it, course, I don’t often delve into the depths of LJ stuff.. usually just post to my journal, read/comments on friends and occasionally look at the groups I’m in.

    • You’re not really missing a whole lot in that department. Just another chance at self-glorification. Which I guess is exactly what certain people need. *shrugs*

  3. Sounds like she and my cousin Jarrod should compete in a who is the least mature contest. Or lock themselves in a closet together and fuck each other’s brains out. Anything to substitute for the life neither of them seem to have at the moment. Oops, that might’ve been tacky. Oh well, my give a damn done run off with the milkman.

  4. So then, why, if you hate drama so much, did you feel it necessary to make a public entry dissing her? How mature does that make you seem? In my eyes, it makes me think you’re 14 again. If you don’t want drama, perhaps you should stop dishing the shit out and grow up.

  5. Oh piss off!

    You’ve got to be KIDDING me with this post?!? Where are the facts? Where do you talk about how you insulted the person in question?

    My advice to you is:

    a:) Next time you post about someone you don’t know and “don’t care about” get your facts straight and have the decency to be honest and admit you made a mistake.
    b:) Learn to spell.
    c:) Grow up.

    • Re: Oh piss off!

      Alright, I’ll explain it to you, in very simple terms. I insulted no one. The pasted comment was the first and only comment I left on the matter. And only stated, as I explained in the entry which you apparently neglected to read, I didn’t vote for her because I’m not following Idol, and therefore didn’t vote for *anyone*. *At all*. How that in her head translates to me not giving a damn is beyond me. But, since she’s drawn that conclusion, now, I officially don’t. Are we understanding now, or do I need to clarify it to a more basic level?

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