On the other hand, my theory could just be bunked in the span of a minute.

After 4 minutes, it was 2 nill Ottawa. That hurt… a *lot*. This, I’ll add, after a conversation via IM albeit briefly with Mike regarding the Leafs’ current defensive/goaltending situation. Two goals scored less than a minute from each other, and the game was pretty much over at that point. I stuck around to finish the first period, then hit the gym for the rest of the evening–enter in the test that, when I don’t actually watch the game, it goes my way. It didn’t. For the second time in 2 weeks, Toskala gets shelled, and gets yanked. Now, I’m finding myself thankful I missed that game. Did you perhaps want to reevaluate Toskala’s abilities, Mike? I’ll say nothing about the guys in front of him–we already know defensively we’re shot. Ah well, if we’re gonna get killed, it might as well be by the best team in the league. But does the best team in the league right now *really* have to be Ottawa?

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