The best defense is, in fact, *not* a good offense, folks.

The game was close, at least. At least for most of it. At least until the defense didn’t show up. For either team. The difference in a 6 4 loss? A captain younger than me and possibly than my brother. I have no idea where the defensive half of either team went, though. Some of those plays tonight *should* have been stopped. Ah well, if I could pick a bright spot out of this game, Sundin’s second goal in as many games would have to be it. I think he’s upwards of 3 or 4 points in 2 nights, too–there’s a reason, folks, why he’s now the all-time leading point getter for the team. Unfortunately, at the end of the day that really means squat. But I’ll take it just the same. Monday, we shuffle off to Buffalo. Here’s hoping the whole team shows up.

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