Thoughts on the Bluejays: Calling dr. Offense…

I promised myself I wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon. You know the one. This team’s garbage, not worth the hype, it’s more of the same old same old, you know how that goes. And I’m not going to. But here’s the thing. Defense, for the most part, is good. Pitching is getting there. Hell, even the baserunning’s halfway decent–when they can get guys on base. But the Jays just aren’t even there offensively. Don’t get me wrong. Last night’s game was good. Would have been better if we’d had the 4 and Baltimore had the 3, but you can’t have everything. We’d have probably had that one if they weren’t seeing RA’s pitches as well as they were. But that’s what happens when you’ve got a knuckleballer at the top of your rotation. He’s either going to be wicked good, or wicked bad–there’s no in between. And as a team, there needs to be that support–just in case the ball’s not knuckling enough, or worse, the other team’s seeing it well. Yes, it’s still April. And yes, the Jays have this nasty habbit of absolutely stinking it up in April. This is why I’m not jumping on the bandwagon. But come the end of May, or even the end of June? Then, guys, we’ll need to talk. And I hate talking. So please, at least for this afternoon’s game, don’t leave your bats in the clubhouse. Kay? Thanks much.

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