A mini little note to the Toronto Bluejays.

Hey, Jays? I don’t know when it started happening, but yall have really taken to sucking something really, really huge. Losing 16 4 last night, 14 1 today, and that’s just what I know about? Do you even know where .500 is anymore? Judging by recent standings, I’m thinking no not really. Okay, I get it–when you win, you win big, usually. That’s great. Wonderful. Nifty, even. But you really don’t have to lose just as big if not bigger. For serious. I’d appreciate it if that stopped sometime before the end of the season–you might actually encourage me to start watching again, and even writing about you again in more than just this act of desperation. Really, if I wanted to watch one of my teams do this to me again I’d rewatch the last NHL season. Please, for the love of chese, find a winning streak. And try not to let someone like Baltimore, who’s still behind you by the way, beat the everloving snot out of you. That’d be awesome, too. Thanks for reading. Feel free to completely collapse now, as you’d intended.

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