Somebody stop this train wreck; I want off!

I hadn’t seen the Leafs play a game in a week. Or… something like it. And now, I find myself feeling sorry I saw this mistake. I won’t even call it a hockey game. So what was wrong with this game? Um… let me see.

  • All 5 Detroit goals were on the power play.
  • Toronto had 13, count ’em, 13 freaking penalties.
  • Toronto only managed to score once on their power plays, and sucked the rest of the time.
  • Once again, they played 40 minutes of good hockey. Not a bad thing usually, except hockey’s a 60-minute game.

I could go on, but really, it’s way too painful. Though that pain is rather negated by the pain of having lost our 7th game in a row. A smart man would have turned it off after the first period, when they were down 2 nill. But no–not this fool. I thought it might actually show signs of improvement. And for a fraction of a second in the second period, it did. Then, they choked. Then, they rolled over. And then, they gave it up and just died. A month ago this team was awesome. Now, though? I have visions of missing the playoffs again… that’s not good. We already traded coaches. Is the GM next?

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