Now I remember why I’m a hockey fanatic.

Sure, the first period didn’t reflect the fact the Leafs pretty much walked all over Philadelphia, and sure, the second period didn’t reflect the fact the Leafs were extremely lucky Raycroft was playing like he deserved to be named one of last week’s stars, but the third period was very much worth suffering through the other two. If only because it showed exactly why the Flyers are in the NHL’s basement. Of course, if Toronto hadn’t one that one as convincingly as they did, I did say I’d be pulling out the dictionary of 4-letter words. Thankfully it’s not required, this time. Besides, we need someone to hold up the rest of the conference, now that Atlanta thinks it’s ready to lead its division. Ah well. We proved Buffalo was actually not unbeatable. So Atlanta may yet prove collapseable. But, either way, I’ll take the 2 points. Even if it should have been a lot easier than it had to be, as so cleverly pointed out by the king puppet himself. But, that’s hockey in Toronto. And I love it.

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