Can I go home yet? Can I can I huh?

Less than an hour. That’s all I’ve got left of the extra day. Surprisingly I don’t feel like falling into bed the second I walk through my front door. I may stop to eat first. On the bright side, the 4-day week next week balances it out some. That I have Victoria day off just makes it freakin’ wicked awesome cool. Anyway. Hmm. I got nothin’. Back to work with me.


One response to “Can I go home yet? Can I can I huh?”

  1. Um, I noticed that you have a comm, and so I invited you to my comm . Turns out LJ doesn’t notify for invitations. You can find it under ‘communities’ ‘manage my invites’ in the menu at the top of the page on your profile page. 🙂 It’s a comm for owners/moderators of communities, forums and websites to get help and advice, do link swaps, share the good things that have happened and rant about the bad.

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