Things of much randomness.

I believe this just may be the most I’ve posted in one day to either of my incarnations of this here blog. And just about all of them will be equally filled with substance.


It’s official. The filesharing community as a whole despises me. My search for season 2 of andromeda continues. My protest of the fact all the versions of said season I’ve been able to track down thus far have either been incomplete with no one seeding it, or complete and completely unplayable. Pisses me off.


One of my coworkers thought he’d stop by my desk earlier and point out completely at random that they’re calling for about 6 more weeks of winter. I guess he doesn’t read my LJ; I already called out the moron who made that prediction. step outside, *then* tell me global warming’s a problem. I dare you. Well, okay, I dare you as long as you aren’t sheyrena. 😉


Crap. Ottawa plays tonight. Getting out of the city after about 5:30 is going to do some serious sucking. Bleh.


I had something else to say. It has escaped me. Must have been a lie… I got nothin’.

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              • I’m already getting it, actually. I’m one of those people who receives entirely too much validation from being above-and-beyond helpful. This is frequently to my detriment when taken too far, for obvious reasons. A girl only has so much energy, after all, and it’s a bad idea to back yourself into the kind of corner where you’re everybody’s workhorse, but I’m working on that. I’m working on a lot of things, as you’ll begin to figure out if you choose to stick around my corner of the intarwebz. I am a person in-progress!

                But hey, since I’m probably going to have to meet you anyway in order to hand you a stack of DVDs, you can always volunteer to take me out for coffee or something. 🙂

                • There’s that, or you can just zip the whole damn thing and sendspace it for all I care. Though since you’re apparently pretty local, we wouldn’t necessarily need an excuse to meet somewhere sometime.

                  Your corner of the intarwebz does come off as quite interesting indeed. You may just be stuck with me ’til you decide you’d rather not be. 🙂

                  • I can’t tell whether I just got turned down or only put off for awhile.

                    It would take me the next three or four days to upload all 22 episodes, and I think it would also go over my ISP’s upload quota, so I’m not fond of that option. Besides, with the download caps on both MegaUpload and SendSpace, you’d be at it all month without premium accounts. I just finished grabbing all 22 episodes, but if you’d rather do it yourself directly, I can e-mail you the links. Just lemme know! I won’t be offended or anything.

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