More random ODSP questions, answered.

I think this will be a regular thing. It’s kinda fun. Now, let’s see. To give it its own category eventually?

May 16 11:38pm: can i get my high school on odsp

Nope, you’re screwed. Completely. You’re expected to be completely dependent. Can’t very well do that if you’re all educated like–which is what employers actually look for. How dare you upset ODSP’s master plan? Oh, crap–I’d best not let the roommate know. Oh right–he reads the blog. Oh well, I tried.

2 responses to “More random ODSP questions, answered.

  1. william says:

    i would like to know if i could marry someone on ODSP would that person lose there ODSP AND OR WILL THAT PERSONS MONIES BE REDUCED

  2. James says:

    since I don’t *think* you’re made of spam, I can tell ya. You more than likely will. It amounts to I believe about $150 each, but check with your caseworker. That’s a guess, and probably not a good one since uh, if I’m smart, I’ll think twice before I go near that one.

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