More random ODSP searches.

I said I’d do more of these. Then I, uh, promptly fell off a cliff. So this one’s quite old. The searcher probably found what they were looking for already. But, you know. You’ll have that.

May 17 11:55am: minimum wage vs odsp

There’s not much of a comparison here. Minimum wage is way the hell up there ($10.25, last I’d heard). when I made the calculation in an open letter to Ontario’s government, what we receive on ODSP was well below that. It still is. And there’s been nearly as much activity on that file as there was in 2010–translation: not much. And that’s what we’re left with. I’m going to most likely need to needle the government again. But for right now, hopefully this answers someone else’s question who just so happens to be tossed over here by Google etc.


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